September 18, 2015

Kumusta pamilya!!!

Friday is my p-day here so i already get to send an email yay. 

WOW. All I can say. I love the MTC. Maybe it is because I was missing being with people my age but I feel like I'm in college again so it's so fun. But it's better than college. I have the coolest district- they are all so dorky and funny and we get along super well.  My companion- Sister Osumo!!! She is the coolest.  Just listen to how perfect this is for me: She is from Singapore (this is her first time in the United States) but she speaks British English and English is her first language. ALSO. She is full filipino, only she speaks Tagalog so she's learning Cebuano.  BUT she can pronounce all the new words we are learning which is super beneficial to me since the hardest thing (as you know) for me is pronunciation. Sooo it's awesome!  She is so cute!! Also she is super happy that I have been out of the country so much because I understand the cultural differences between us. 

Super cool our zone is 41 missionaries (one of the biggest groups going to Philippines ever) the reason it's so big is because Tacloban (the island next to Cebu sorta) just opened up to missionaries since the big typhoon a couple years ago! So almost all our zone is going there. Sister Osumo and I are the ONLY two sisters in the entire MTC right now going to Cebu East sooo we feel pretty cool. There are only 4 elders too. Two of them are in our district. Also our zone has over 15 international missionaries!! isnt that so sick! I am so lucky!! I love talking to them all. Also it's really cool to see huge Samoans elders that look super tough bear their testimonies - they are all so sweet!!

Cebuano. Wow- it was so fun going into the classroom and hearing Cebuano again!! i forgot how much i loved it. haha because it's such a mix of languages- it really does sound super cool and the words are super fun to say. I am already learning how to pray!!  Really really trying to learn at least. I feel weird memorizing prayers though. But I'm doing good.

Also went to the temple this morning again.  What was cool was today Elder Taube (he is from Fiji) but he is the only member in his huge Catholic family and has a super strong testimony- anyways he went through the temple for the first time and we got to go with him!  How cool!! We are one big family- already gonna be sad to separate.

Also update I am only here till either November 4 or the week before that, then i spend 5 days in Manilla MTC.  So dad you were right!!

Anyways since i don't have much to email right now - I'll be able to go on again before 5!!! Write me back!!!


Know that i am so so so so happy- like I didn't know i could be this happy.  So I know this is the right decision
Also I see Aliya all the time!! its like we have been best friends all our lives. I love her.  I also see Brody and Willy and Grant which makes me so happy!

I love wearing my name tag too. Every time i look down and see Sister Cook I feel SO SO good.

Sister Cook and Sister Osumo

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