September 25, 2015


Wow i am exhausted- like i just want to sleep for a couple days straight... My body is not digging the 6:30 am thing.
It was a good week!!  Had some ups and downs. 

I'll just start with learning Cebuano is the hardest thing I have ever done/studied in my life.  Holy cow. It's a crazy language and I really struggle. I try really really hard not to compare myself to others around me (especially my companion) because she is practically fluent already... sometimes I think she thinks I'm stupid but I'm trying hard to keep up with her. We have already taught 4 lessons in Cebuano- some went well- some I completely blanked and said barely 3 sentences, although I can bare my testimony and say pretty solid prayers so thats cool!  I have realized in class and during our lessons I can usually understand what people are saying I just have no idea how to respond. It's hard to teach lessons because I hate feeling restricted to only saying the simple words/grammar that I can remember. I gotta just keep praying for the "gasa sa mga pinulongan" (gift of tongues) There are so many shortcuts and different grammar rules and the pronunciation is SO hard butttt anyways.. bottom line Cebuano is really really hard hahah I wish I was learning Spanish a lot now. But I know that I was called to speak in Cebuano for a reason so God is gonna help me lots.

I love D&C 90:11 because all the missionaries here are the fulfillment of that prophecy in that scripture- the people of Cebu deserve to hear the true Gospel in their native language! SO I'M GONNA LEARN IT!

Also side note! Found out that BYU now has a Cebuano program and I can get 16 credits when I come home... sweet. Also I think I have already found all my roommates haha I love love love the other girls I have been rooming with. Sister Davis from Park City and Sister Prudecio from Gilbert AZ, we are super close and I luv them.

Ok all I'm gonna say is for a church that emphasizes on being healthy and fit-- the MTC food is so fattening and unhealthy... pretty ironic to me. luckily they have fruit and some fresh options so I'm gooood. never really hungry though because I sit and study so much haha ugh I hate being inside all day- by the end of the day our district is either bouncing off the walls or like a pile of bricks.

I do get dearelder mail and i luv them!!! sorry I forgot to tell u that but I luv getting mail!!!

I kinda feel like I'm am gonna be in the MTC here forever haha but I'm sure it will go by fast!.

I love singing in the Choir on Sunday and Tuesday - I am no singer like half the Mormon population but it still so fun! The choir director always tells us about the composers of the hymns and I love all the stories. For example, We sung "Behold! A Royal Army" on tues and the composer of the song is named Fanny J. Cosby and she was blind her whole life!!  But she never complained about it- throughout her life she compiled 8000 hymns praising her God! After writing a Royal Army she was interviewed and someone asked "do you wish you could see?" she replied with "no never!! if I could see I might get too distracted and not find the time writing my songs to praise my lord. When I Die I want the first face I see in my entire life to be the Face of My Savior."
ya wow. I loved that story.

I see Brody Ernest all the time! He is in a class across the hall from me- he loves trying to speak Tagalog with my companion! It's so fun!!

Ok so my favorite part about the MTC is that lined down all the hallways there are the coolest pictures (most of them film i think) of missionaries around the world! There is one of a baptism in a hole in the ice, pictures of missionaries with tribal people of Africa, missionaries walking through the jungles or big cities. They are so cool and I love looking at all of them.

I attached a pic of one of my favorites along with me and the sisters in my district, and us at choir!

Well I miss you all!! give cleo lots and lots of hugs for me.

Sister Cook

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