October 2, 2015

HI Hi family and amigos,

Fam bam thanks so much for the package!!!  I loved all the cute little letters and some people in my district had never experienced Trader Joe's goodness so that was heavenly. <333

This week went by fast! and I have lots of funny stories haha oh boy.

This week we had an awesome devotional and I sang in the choir.  In the practice beforehand they were shooting the camera angles and I was accidentally sitting on the super super high soprano row...ya, mistake.  But on the highest note of the entire song (which I obviously just mouthed because I can't sing) the camera froze right on my face.  For like 3 mins!! I didn't notice for a little bit but when I did, I watched (along with 1000 missionaries) as my face turn to a tomato, and then I started laughing and trying to move my face out of the way and, wow.  It was super awkward.  Afterwards they put a picture of Goofy on the screens and said "don't be goofy on camera" ughhh I felt people looking at me after the whole ordeal. Luckily for the actual devotional I knew it was gonna point at me so I didn't look at all and it went fine. But that entire night kids came up to me saying they saw me on camera...  My district got a kick out of it.

Also on Tuesday Sister Osumo and I had the opportunity to teach RM's who served Cebuano speaking missions. It was actually pretty fun and I thought it went well until at the end of the last one. I was sorta bearing my testimony about the Priesthood and in my mind I meant to say "I am grateful that my Dad and Brother hold the priesthood and I always want Priesthood holders in my life" something like that... but it came out as " I want the Priesthood." Sooo I could tell I said something wrong by the look on his face. hahaha

Then on Wednesday Sis. Prudenico and I tried going to this workout class for sisters the MTC offers in the morning... I dont think I have ever laughed so hard in my life. It was supposed to be all cardio and it turned out to be Napoleon Dynamite in female form teaching us dance. Literally it was the weirdest thing I have ever witnessed and we were the only ones there so we couldn't leave.... yaa, pretty funny.  Just imagine Squidward's dancing in Spongebob and that was what we had to do...

Also my roommates have all finally met grumpy morning Ryan. They get a kick out of messing with me.

Things with my companion are great!! We know each other pretty well now so thats fun. Took her awhile to get used to my hair being wavy.  She always says "I watch you brush you hair yet it still looks like you just got out of bed..." we love each other lots.  She is very caring and loving and helps me a ton!!

If you guys want to listen to something amazing--watch Mo-tab sing "Come Thou Font" from Elder Scott's funeral. It was beautiful.

** Highlight to my days are lunchtime because my companion and I sit with the senior missionaries and I just love talking to them.. I met the couple who left today for my mission! They are the sweetest and will take great care of me :)))

Sometimes I have a really hard time being here because I feel who am I to be doing all this, like I can barely understand my own testimony at times.  Plus I feel so spiritually behind compared to some of the elders and sisters here- I just hope I can learn enough to help and serve the Filipinos in Cebu.

I have the coolest zone! I am excited to fly to the Philippines with all 41 of them!!! About a month to gooo....

Well I miss home the beach and all of you guys- I am grateful for your prayers and love

Till next week xoxoxo

sista cook

Ps. my district and teachers all call me Cookie and Elder Gregory (he is from London) calls me Sister Chef haha it sounds so funny in his accent.
 My District--all going to the Philippines

 Senior missionaries brought donuts for the District!
Sisters Prudencio, Davis, Osumo and me!!
Short now, but I'll finally be tall when
I get to the Philippines!

Roomie teaching us Samoan dancing

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