October 9, 2015


Wow this week felt like forever- but I made it to P-day so all is well. I loved conference, seriously Saturday was amazing!!! I think every missionary was in tears on Holland's talk- I know my district was.  Everyone should take 15 mins and watch this- no matter what your religion- it is beautiful. And I love you mom!!!! 

Anyways, one of the best nights I have had here was when Grammy sent our district caramel apples!!!  It was also Sister Rossuns birthday, so last Friday we just had a party and ate unhealthy food and got all hyper from the sugar haha closest thing to a "Friday Night" at the MTC.  But it was awesome because Sis Osumo and Elder Tauba had never tried caramel apples before! 

Also I am teaching more and more lessons- I am getting better too!  Yesterday I went off on a tangent in our lesson about the Plan of Salvation all in Cebuano - literally don't remember what I said but hey- our  "investigator" understood it so that was cool!!!  I am starting to be more confident- sending me the notes from my setting apart blessing really helped. 

This week I thought a lot about the Filipino people- I spent like 30 mins one night talking about my experience last time. I love them so much! Just thinking back to the amazing people I met last time makes me cry! I am so excited to go serve them!!  And it gives me more motivation to become better and work harder at Cebuano

Some of my favorite people I have met here are Polynesian! I want to be Polynesian haha they are the coolest people! Sister Neemia is from Samoa and she is my roommate- she is the sweetest girl and hilarious- she also has a least 12 cookies a day because they're her favorite.  The funny thing is all the ways she figures out how to smuggle them out of the caf. And then Elder Tauba from Fiji is hilarious!! And he is famous in Fiji!!  He played national volleyball there and is the spokesman/welcome voice at the Fijian airport!!  He is so cool, and I will for sure be going to visit them both someday cause who wouldn't want to go to Fiji and Samoa.

 **Highlight to this week was after conference my roommates and I went to Samoan translation room and we just sung hymns- we sung "how great thou art" and we were singing in English and they were all singing in Samoan and I just started crying- the spirit was so strong and I felt so blessed to be part of a church where there are faithful and beautiful members all over the world!  How lucky am I to be able to get know some of them! 

Also BYU Vocal Point came for a devotional this week- they were so good (and good-looking... but like hey I hardly noticed) 
Love you all- I'm halfway done here at the MTC!  Wohooo- I'll have my flight plans next p-day :O !! 


Sis. Osumo's first caramel apple
(also featuring Elder O'Rullian's foot)

one day i went insane from sitting for so long- 
so me and sis russon just danced while 
elder guertler played the piano for like an hour 
haha it felt awesome. 

us and Sister Samon's singing!! 

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