October 16, 2015

Pamilya ug Amigas!

This week was spiritually awesome but physically draining- Me and a few district members were finally hit by the dreaded MTC bug, but I am starting to get better so its all good!!

Just a thought that one of my Cebuano teachers shared with me this week that I have been thinking a lot about.

I have been working and hoping to Be the best missionary I can be. To Be the missionary that God wants me to be, so I can best accomplish my purpose. But I don't want to Be her I want to Become her. I want to become her who serves and loves because that is who she is, to become a disciple of Jesus Christ and emulate him in every way-- not just to fulfill a role.

I thought about this a lot when I learned about the word "Ma-himo" in Cebuano- it means "Can Become" I can't do it alone but I know I Can become her, through the help of my Savior.

It reminds me of the parable of the Bicycle by Stephen Robinson. He talks about his daughter who decides she wants to buy a bicycle. He tells her to save up her money so that she can buy one. For the next couple of months he provided chores that she could do in order to make money. When she had a big jar full of all she had made and thought to be enough they went to the bike store. Instantly she saw a beautiful blue bike and ran up to look at it. Upon looking at the price tag she started to cry and cry. When her dad asked her what was wrong she says " I'll never have enough, no matter how long I save". Her dad smiled at her and said "give me what you have, and I'll make up the rest"

This story perfectly exemplifies our Savior's love!!  We will never be perfect- but by Christ's Grace and love we can be good enough to live with him again! But he doesn't just wait till we fail to help us, he is helping, guiding, providing us "chores with rewards" and support along the way, all because he loves us.  Don't just believe in Christ, but Believe him-- Believe him when he says he will help you, love you and guide you.

I love you all you guys and I am grateful for the support and love you show me!!

So as I have said before my roommate Sister Neemia is from Samoa and she takes her food (cookies especially) very seriously. So Aunt Tiff sent me some spicy Wasibi peas and Sister Neemia did NOT like them.... hahaah soooo I thought it would be funny to put some in her popcorn and cookies and She freaked out!!!! it was hilarious! she was screamin Oh yuck YUCK!! and she calls the peas "Bumblebees" cause they sting her tongue
also at dinner one night I placed a cherry tomato in her glass of coke without her looking and then raised my glass for a cheers and so she started drinking as she drank the tomato came into her view and, she spat the coke that she had in her mouth all over Elder Capo and Elder Lockheart.. i'm laughing as I type this... but it was seriously so funny. she wasn't mad. she was laughing too- we all prank each other and it's great but Sister Neemia's reactions are priceless. We all call her Na'nay (mom) cause she sings us Samoan lullabies and sews our clothes.

I am grateful to have such good roomies cause they make me laugh and forget about difficulties.
I love you all--- one more full more week here then I am off to the Philippines!!! so send letters now ;)

yours truly,
sister cookie

Temple walk on Sundays!

some roomies and I enjoying delicious chips and salsa sent by the one and only kennakat <33333

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