October 23, 2015

Wohoo!! I can make it - the end is in sight!!  We have our flight plans and I leave on Thursday at 3:30 a.m. yaa!!!  We have a layover at LAX and Hong Kong. There are gonna be like 50 missionaries all going to Philippines so it's gonna be a partay!

We have been able to teach Filipino Members over Skype the past two weeks and it just makes me really excited to go!! It is also fun practicing the language (although hard).  I hope I won't be too lost when I get over there.
This week is going by so slowwwwwwly.

My district also did an English fast the other day (no English speaking all day)-- it was exhausting!!! But fun to realize how much we actually know!

The highlight of my week was tonight!!!  This guy that goes to BYU and works at the gym here brought me, Sister Prudencio and some guys in our zone In-N-Out tonight -- I almost cried it was so delicious.

Well- I'll be able to email on Wednesday!!!  So talk to you all then!

Luv You!!

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