WEEK 11 (Lilo-an)

 November 22, 2015 

Oh my goodness!! Bummed I won't be with you all this year and next, but still so much to be thankful for here in Lilo-an. We are celebrating today and I am gonna try and make my favorite YAMS!  Although the sweet potatoes I bought are purple.... so we will see how that goes. My cooking just gets more and more like experimenting here. Like, wow. 

So the work has been super tough here, most of our investigators aren't progressing. It's crazy how the closer we get to their baptismal dates, the more they experience trials and doubts. It's tough for me because I just want the best for them!! But it just shows how strong the adversary can push us away from things that are good. 

We did have a really cool experience with a lady named Cecila (shoutout to S&G) on Saturday that just helped me push through. The past few days I have been really exhausted with everything and just needed a Spiritual boost, which this lesson provided. So Cecelia is the land-lady to the Senior Couple here and she was out taking care of the garden when we walked by and started talking to her. We ended up talking to her for a really long time!! She has gone through so many trials and was really struggling with her life and choices... We listened for a while and then asked if we could share a short message. My companion suggested that we sing "Be Still My Soul" and when we started singing she just was bawling!! The Spirit was so strong. It was an amazing experience-- that hymn is so beautiful. She thought at age 52 it was to late to feel God's love because of her mistakes, but that us being there and hearing our message has given her hope!! It was beautiful. We will meet with her again soon!!!  

We work with the ward mission leaders a lot and it's cool because the are both youths preparing to go on  missions! I think that is awesome cause because they are super involved.

Ok, I sent a bunch of pictures this week because I am at a better internet shop. I love you guys.  Thanks for the emails, I love hearing about your lives and think about all of you often!! Eat lots of yummies for me- I'll be eating rice lol 


funny story. last pday after emailing I had the 
"brillant" idea to try and make caramel popcorn.... 
but because no one buys caramel sauce here... 
so expensive. WHo knows how long it sat on the 
shelf and it was all hardened inside the bottle.. 
I tried everything to melt it out.. see pic.
 But with no microwave- even my consistent boiling 
didnt do the trick. :( had to settle with kettle corn 
which of course burnt because of our pan. 
Wow. My comp got a kick out of it.. 
Our little friends :))

young women in my ward!! Matt and Cami's 
age. :))  I spent an hour talking to them last night- 
they are seriously so awesome!!! 

My zone!

our mirrior in our apartment-- looks like 
California haha

Beach selfie
Fish Market

Mirror selfie

Jennie Rose (the one in blue on my left) and some 
sisters from the Mondenedo Family who feeds us like 3x 
a week!!

 Sister Madelyn is making me a Christmas dress!! 
how cool huh!! She is an awesome seamstress.

Me, Sister Tubola, and our Filipino soda

Meal at member's house last night

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