WEEK 10 (Lilo-An)

November 15, 2015

Kamusta kamo tanan !!  (Hello to you all)

I can't decide if this past week has gone by super fast or slow.. haha everything kinda blends together. But it has truly been awesome. We have been on our feet a lot trying to find people-- so busy kaayo (very busy) which is how I like it! 

I have become quite a celebrity in this city- "the infamous Americana who speaks bisaya" (well, attempts to that is ...and bisaya is what everyone calls Cebuano here idk why) I have many little Filipino friends I get to see everyday while tracting- it's pretty funny. The kids will all wait for us to walk by so they can say hi.. There is this one boy- he's probably 10, that I keep trying to talk to, but every time I even look at him he starts laughing so hard and won't talk.  But every time I walk away he will yell "I Love you!!!" literally I see him everyday and it's the same process every time.  Maybe we will break the chain this week. haha But I love all the children I have gotten to know-  One of my language studies is to teach kids we meet along the street a lesson about Christ. It proves to be difficult at times when I point to Christ and ask "Kinsa ni?' (who is this) and they reply "Papa God!!!" Haha

 The Catholic influences here are so strong- most people have a picture of the saints in their homes but don't know who they are or why they worship them.  Just that they will protect against "evil spirits". Super interesting. 

I really am experimenting with cooking here.. I am currently learning how to make fish starting from . . . the whole fish, and using the whole fish, including, the head... (yes Mads and Kass the HEAD) hahah. Dad you'd be impressed.  Although the way I am learning is not the way you and Andre do it so that'll be funny to compare someday. It's cool because, since we are close to the ocean everyday, there is a fresh fish market with all sorts of sea critters.  I like the Milk Fish.. Lamit! (delicious) 

Ok- so lots of ups and downs with the work this week--My patience is definitely being tested and strengthened as I quickly learned that this is a weakness of mine.  Every time we would have super good luck or a super good lesson something would go wrong soon after!  Like one of our investigators, Christina-- we had a lesson with her and I extended the baptismal commitment and She accepted (SUPER cool for me cause I said it all in Bisaya) and was super excited about it-- but then the next day we got a call saying she had to move back to Cebu with her mom!! :(( I was so bummed.. I just hope she can meet with missionaries there. 

Then we were teaching an awesome family- they seemed to love our message and said they were searching for God in their lives... so we were stoked! But then they randomly texted us saying they don't want to listen anymore!! Like completely out of the blue... ugh ya. This really hurt me! Makes me so so sad and I feel bad- then I get frustrated with myself because I can't communicate my feelings truly yet in Bisaya/Cebuano..

Pero!!! Jenni Rose is doing so well!!! She is just my favorite gal- seriously, even though she does not understand a lick of English or my Cebuano haha we love each other!! She isn't shy anymore and we will joke around- it's fun!!  She also came to church yesterday and it was awesome!! she got all dressed up and ah it made me so happy to have her sitting there next to me! We teach her tonight so I can't wait to hear how she liked it. Her baptism is still set for December 5th and I am pumped! 

So lots of ups a downs.  But i am just continually reminding myself that everything is in the Lord's time and the more that Sister Tubola and I persevere and work, the more we will be blessed! There is all sorts of craziness here in Philippines so I am always kept on my toes for sure.

Also, what I see on a day-to-day basis constantly humbles me. These people teach me so much about being happy despite any circumstance and to count my many, many blessings. One older Na'ay we teach named Lourdes lives in a small tiki hut with her two kitties. She has the same 3 outfits and doesn't even have enough room to stretch out fully to sleep in her "house" ..yet she is completely content. She has food, her cats, and her newspapers to read... Ah it's hard to explain, but every time we teach her I feel so blessed by how much I have learned, and am learning, from her.
We have so much to be grateful for. 

Have an amazing week!!! <3

 "The Savior's light can never be dimmed. It is a light that heals our wounds and blazes even in the midst of the deepest sorrow and unfathomable darkness" - Pres. Uchdorf 

your favorite americanka,
sister ryan cook

Jenni Rose, the member family that she lives with, and Sister Tubola!  How cute!!! 

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