WEEK 8 (Lilo-An)

November 4, 2015


its been a rough couple of days. The Manila MTC was great, we didn't do too much, we were there mostly for Visa work. Going on splits with the Manila missionaries was actually so fun! Even though everyone spoke Tagalog I still enjoyed meeting people- my temporary companion was so good at just approaching people so I definitely learned from her.

The rest of the time I mostly was just able to spend time with my District and Zone who I love so much. Seriously the Goodbyes were so difficult. I honestly have never cried that much in front of people. I think it was because these people became my family the past 7 weeks and I related them to all you guys so it was like leaving you all again. At least I know I have friends for life.

But that still wasn't the hardest- The hardest and something I still am struggling a lot with was separating from Sister Osumo my sweet sweet kauban. I miss her so much and its really hard to all of a sudden have a new one.
The mission home is beautiful- its a mansion right on the ocean, super nice and air conditioned. I also really love the Tanners, my mission pres. They are really cool and laid back yet have everything super organized, I'll enjoy serving with them till they go home in July. But I'll be with the Mcnett's my whole mission (senior couple serving here that I met in MTC) and they are so cute.

My Na'nay (trainer) is Sister Tubola. She is from Ilo Ilo in the Philippines and I am her last companion before she leaves. We really haven't talked much but we are the only sisters so we'll be living alone which kinda worries me... but I have heard only the best about her from everyone and she just finished training another American. We are in Lilo-an, it's in the city so very busy and crazy all the time.  We are white-washing the area, so that means lots of tracting I guess. It's the same area around the mission home.

My first night/day was super rough... I feel so much like the awkward new girl. Everyone I meet kinda just looks at me with pity and says "ya, you'll get used to it." I also realized how hard it is gonna be living here.. I won't go into it- but enjoy the comforts America has haha.  And the language, I haven't had much time to freak out about the language yet.  Mission pres says it will be the most difficult thing, but I am just gonna try and keep positive attitude I guess.

I went with Sister Tubola to a dinner appointment in her last area last night, already full from mission home, and the members made me eat so much. Plus one of the donuts exploded weird icing onto my clothes when I bit into it. Also spilled a pitcher of water cause i didn't know the lids don't stay on at mission home... so you could say I am adapting well!

I am exhausted and feel like crying all the time because of lack of sleep, but I know it will get better each day. Soon I will be bistak (fluent) and comfortable with my surroundings- I feel the spirit telling me that each day.

Well I love you guys a lot. Things got real here real fast so I am grateful for all your prayers and support. My P-days will usually be on Mondays starting next week! Which is Sunday for you all technically I think..

This is my address- (if you send any packages put a pictures of Jesus on along the cracks haha Filipinos are super superstitious so everyone tells me it will ensure no one will open/mess with it.)

Philippines Cebu East Mission Office
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Compound National Highway,
Bajac, Lilo-an Cebu 6002

Luv Ya all !!!
sister cook

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