WEEK 9 (Lilo-An)

November 8, 2015

Hi Family ug Friends!!

First off-- I love you all!

Life is good and busy here in Lilo-an. Sister Tubola and I are really trying to get used to the area, meet members and tract, tract, tract!!! It's a huge area and the only other elders here are office elders so they are busy most of the day.  So that leave us!  We went to the church yesterday and the ward is small- so we are determined to fill all the empty pews!!

We have one legit legit investigator right now. Her name is Jenni Rose and she is 16 years old living with a member family. She is pretty shy but so sweet. We have been over to the house everyday either to talk with the family or teach her (they were the only members we knew for awhile- they are awesome!!) So I am excited to see how things go with her.  Keep her in your prayers!!

One day we spent the entire afternoon tracting and we found a bunch of potential investigators! So we will go back and teach them all this week. Ah I love the people here- They are all so loving and have the most beautiful countenances.

One time we were teaching an old Na'nay and it started off with her and like 3 little boys. Then literally every time I looked away and back there were 3 or 4 new kids just sitting/standing there staring at me wide eyed and listening. It was the cutest thing- by the end of the lesson it was sister Tubola, me, Carlosa (the Na'nay) and 25 kids under the age of 10. I honestly don't know where they all came from!! We gave them all little passalong cards of Christ with the children and they ALL wanted their own. Good thing we had enough haha.

I am struggling with the language.. I have to keep catching myself and reminding myself that I have only been here in the field for less than a week! I can't expect to be perfect. I can understand more than I can speak, however the people here speak so fast!!! ( it's like matt and his slurred words lol <33333) I am really trying and I know the Lord wants me to learn so he will help me!!

My companion is as awesome as everyone said she was!! She is so bold when teaching and I love it! She is also really patient with me and my frustrations and helps a lot with the language. I love her! I am bummed she won't train me the full 12 weeks cause she goes home in December.

I was reading in Alma 5 in the Book of Mormon this morning and it talks about having Christ's image in your countenance. I just love that! I can see Christ in the countenance/ actions of these people and I want to reflect Christ in all my actions!! I am a representative of him and I hope as I grow on my mission that if Alma was asking me "Have you received His image in your countenance" I can say yes! And say yes the rest of my life.

I am thankful for ya all (especially you mom and dad) - have a good week- sibs ya all better surf lots of waves for me


Hahaa I forgot to share this story. On my second day, on our way out to go proselyting, there was a huge broken pump spraying tons of water!! Like there was a huge pool of water- some filipino family was losing tons of money.  So I took an umbrella and tried to fix it without getting too wet... haha, it didn't work too well and I got soaked. Sister Tubola got a kick out of it. We forgot to take a picture of the pipe but here is the aftermath:

Some other pics:

  Kids playing at the beach

 Manila temple, saying goodbye to Sister Osumo

My companion and a member, strolling in the 4pm daily rain

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