WEEK 12 (Lilo-an)

November 29, 2015


Your guys' Thanksgiving looked delicious, I sure missed everything. I told my trainer about creamed corn and she wants to try it someday so bad because she loves corn. I'll have you know that my purple yams turned out hingpit! (perfect) (ill send pics next week).  They tasted "yammy" and the Filipino elders all thought they were hilarious. I also have been making those no bake cookies and people here think they are so weird!!! They either really like them or think they are too strange. It has been fun to bring them to the members that always feed us!! 

I just got done with helping the Mondendo family (where Jenni Rose stayed) paint there house this morning! We painted it light blue- it was fun but very hot!! Also haha so Filipinos do not exercise- but when they do it's like a whole "event" So this morning the Mondendo sisters wanted to plan to go "jogging."  I of course was stoked because I can never run by myself- so they got all dressed up and got running shoes and we all went "jogging." haha they didn't really run but it was still so funny what an effort it was. 

I went on splits this week with my STL in a different area and it was really fun!! We went to Conselicion - like 20 mins away and it was more bukid and way hilly- I loved it! My STL told me my language has really progressed- so that makes me feel good!! Sometimes I get all worried- and then I realize that I have only been here 4 weeks!!  I have come a long way... so very motivating to keep studying and practicing and listening (it's so easy to just zone out at church).  So in 4 more weeks I'll be even better!

The work had been really hard here! Jenni Rose is now back with her family and not in our area :( and our other investigators have all kinda disappeared. So we are teaching a lot of first lessons and just planting seeds. This area has been closed for a while and hasn't had a lot of work done so I am thinking that is what is needed. We keep pushing and hope that the Lord will put people in our path.
I love all the members here though- They are all so awesome! 

I was thinking a lot about why I am here this week. I think about some of the hardships I face and the roller coaster of emotions I feel each week.  This is more than me having an adventure in another country-I would have gone anywhere or done anything if called- I am here because I know this Church is true. Every time we teach the restoration or about how families can be together forever or when I read the Book of Mormon- I feel it! I know it! I know the Lord knows us and loves us  and I am grateful for this opportunity to serve him and the people he loves here in Lilo-an. 

Love you! Christmas is coming!!
(I am hoping to be able to skype at Mondendo's and you'll be able to meet them! they are the best!!)

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