WEEK 13 (Lilo-an)

December 6, 2015

 This week marks a month of being here in Lilo-an- only a week 1/2 left of my first transfer. Crazy! but also feels like I have been here way longer haha. You'll be happy to know I really am on my way to being a true Filipino (inner goal) - they eat certain meals with their hands here, and I knew that before, but I didn't know there was a specific way! Anyways, I was taught the "way" this week and I am quite good at it- the Filipino elders were surprised- it's all in the fingers. ok hard to explain.  

This week has been awesome! We have received a lot of referrals from members and have had lots of luck teaching them! Although referrals are hard here because there are no addresses- so we usually get a general location and then it's up to us to search and ask people if they know the person..it's kinda like a giant scavenger hunt haha. It works best when members take us to the people.

Also yesterday we had two investigators come to church!! Cecilia and Lourdes!!! They both seemed to like it- Lourdes' baptismal date is January 2nd wohoo!!! And hopefully Cecilia will set one too:) I love when investigators come to church because there is such a strong spirit and comfort in the buildings. the members are all so welcoming and excited to have new people investigating. I love all the members here- have I already said that? ha oh well cause I really do-- they are so faithful and loving!

Had to defend myself and my companion from some street dogs this week with an umbrella- that was an experience for sure.. so many dogs everywhere- I have named the nice ones. 

I have embarrassed myself too many times to count with singing hymns here.. they love to sing and always pick the most random hymns in the book that I never know... so that's interesting. Also everyday we hear old nan'ays singing karaoke as loud as the speakers can blare.. it's hilarious!!! Especially when it's a popular American song. 

Well, I finally will be able to see my batch from the MTC this week (Osumo). I am so excited! We are also having our Christmas conference and then transfers are soon and with Sister Tubola leaving, I'll be getting a new trainer so lots of craziness ahead! 

Miss you all!

Sister Luto (means cook... ya between Ryan being a boys name and Cook being a verb I will never escape name jokes especially here hahah) 

Ps. Great video about Christmas !

Capturing some of my views throughout the day...
More views from my day...

Thanksgiving feast!

happy happy me with some local kiddos whose family we teach!! I love them even though i cant understand them half the time 

Fish, yum!

[not sure what's up with the time/date stamp on my camera!]
Live, Love, Liloan

My Thanksgiving (purple) yams!
At the beach, with my companion and a ward missionary (center)

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