WEEK 14 (Lilo-an)

December 15, 2015

sorry about Monday- P-days on transfer week are on Wednesday...  The typhoon did hit but we mostly just got a ton of rain, which meant walking in a ton of mud (hollaa to my tevas) so nothing too major in Lilo-an. Wow, this week flew- the Christmas conference was awesome! I loved seeing all my MTC friends and meeting a lot of other missionaries serving in Cebu East- there were almost 200!! Craziness but fun!

Also, with Sister Tubola leaving (she is on the plane home right now -wow weird) I have been companions with Sister Huxtable! Ah its been so fun !!! She is from Utah and has been here about 6 months so not too far ahead of me.  We were both really nervous about working together because of the language- but honestly it has been amazing!!! She did so good and I really pushed myself to say more. And we had so much success. Yesterday- we went and visited a lot of  potential investigators and even were able to contact two referrals who both want to come to church on Sunday!  This made me so happy and excited to be staying in this Area.  But unfortunately Sis. Huxtable is being transferred to Bohol. I haven't met my new trainer yet, but she is from Sister Huxtable's batch and is American, so hopefully we will still be able to communicate well with people. I wanna be bistak so badly- Bisaya is seriously the funniest language- i just love it so that makes is easier to study and learn. But one of our investigators only speaks Tagolog-- sooo maybe I'll come home tri-lingual. wow I barely passed Spanish in high school- so the Lord is helping me a lot. 

So much happens each day here-- it's hard to narrow everything down and remember- Sister Tubola taught my how make Illpia!!! My Filipino fave!! (Missy we will make it when I come home!! ) but that was funn! A lot of you have asked about food- hahaha the food. Um whenever we eat at members ya, we really don't know what your gonna get, most of the time is really yummy though! just different, hard to explain how. Always rice- like never not rice, and every meal is made to be eaten with rice. In fact i have learned that there is no limit to what can be eaten with rice. Yum rice. It's fun. Lots of different fruits and veggies here that are tasty- and they eat all parts of animals wohoo. Ya this week I asked why I see so many goats around here but never any goat cheese-- they eat goat. Who knows maybe I have eaten goat by now. No dairy here really whatsoever either.. Oh I did discover "salad" here.. members made it-- it's iceburg lettuce dipped in mayonnaise- I don't need to say much more about that..... haha 
I never get sick- honestly I must have an iron stomach because some missionaries get so sick! 

The Lord has really blessed me this week- He has blessed me with another amazing companion for the week- He blessed me with help in the language and in the teaching. Blessed me with lots of laughter and happiness in the work.  Also, I have had so many awesome experiences with some of the investigators and members in the ward. I am very happy that I'll be in Lilo-an for another 6 weeks and I hope all will go well with my trainer.
 Prayer is so important in missionary work and just all of life- Every night I pour out everything to the Lord and just feel his love and support. I know he answers prayers and if you ever need support, comfort or have a question, pray. He wants to help you and answer you. As I teach people about prayer and the love Heavenly Father has for all of us, it just becomes more a more beautiful. And when the people I teach bow their heads and offer prayers of gratitude in their humble humble circumstances- I feel the Lord's love more than ever. This church and gospel is a beautiful blessing. 
 I feel so blessed to be a missionary- honestly it is so fun/ exhausting / rewarding. 
Have a good week 
9 days till Christmas :))))) 

Christmas conference!
Great investigator, never ditches appointments!

My trainer and her two trainees
Puppies!  I named them Luka and Billy.  They live right by my apartment.  Happy kaayo.
Typhoon brought some killer sunsets!

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