WEEK 16 (Lilo-an)

December 27, 2015

1st Christmas!

Aw, hi! 
So good to see your faces on Christmas! I assure you they were only happy tears and that it really was uplifting.  I was a little worried that I would be distracted after, but it really was more of a push!  Believe me- my and my new companion Sister Herdegen's week has been full of happiness, hard work and just amazing lessons. So stoked already for the rest of this transfer.

I'll just give a little update about some of our new investigators that I love so much!!! Karen Romeo is a referral I found while working with Sister Huxtable- she is a single mom with three kids who was interested in the church because of the youth programs, and seeing the youth missionaries walking around in the heat really impressed her!  Ya pretty golden- we have taught her a bunch already and she has come to church and and a Christmas activity for youth and has really enjoyed it! She loves our lessons and even though her kids are still pretty shy, she really wants them to get involved in church and learning about the Gospel.  Hopefully, they will all be baptized at the end of January. In our last lesson she was talking about before she found our church she had been praying because she has a lot of struggles supporting her family alone and raising teenagers... but she felt that when we showed up at her door and starting getting to know her and teach her, that we were "her own personal angels here to help her."  That was a truly beautiful moment for me and I pray and pray that she will continue to progress.  Lessons and people like her make everything here worth it!!

Also, we found another awesome family!!  The Floras--we were definitely led to them on Christmas day while we were tracting.  We didn't know where to go and we wandered down a random street and found this big family all hanging out together and just started talking to them. After getting to know them for a while we shared a short Christmas message and set a return appointment to teach them more. So we went back last night and just taught a powerful lesson about the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and, wow, the spirit was strong, They all as a family were interested and love how our church is centered around the importance of families and Christ. Sis. Herdegen and I just love them so much already!!!! Only thing is that they are always trying to set me up with their oldest son so that tends to be quite awkward as somehow the conversation always leads to that... Then i get really awkward, start blushing (which Filipinos find hilarious cause I'm white) and i forget both Bisaya and English.... other than that--so fun spending time with them.

So you wanna know how my p-days are? Ok, I'll tell you- it's quite an adventure, so don't be too jealous!  Every p-day (and sometimes during the week) I experience the wonderful world of what Filipinos call "Laba."  What's "Laba" you say?  Laba is washing all my clothes by hand!! Yay!!!! no seriously.  Fun.  First, pop a Filipino squat and make one bucket of soapy water, one of clean water, then soak and scrub.  Scrub some more maybe soak in bleach if you're feeling good.  Then rinse and rinse and then hang out to dry! Let me tell you, life really sucks if you're like me and like to procrastinate :))))) it takes forever! SO anyways- don't feel bad, it's part of life her in the Philippines and I enjoy it- also teaches me important things like not to be trunky/lazy and a valuable life skill that most Americans don't have.

Thinking a lot about what my new year resolutions should be since I've got a full year to really stick to one! All I've got now is to email you guys once a week, so that should be doable.  Still thinkin' though....
Ok, sorry this was long--sometimes I feel like I am fulfilling my inner-Mormon-blogger-mom in these updates.... Oh BTW-- got to go to the mission home for christmas (perks to being in Lilo-an) and they had CrePES! ya crepes, definitely did not think I would be having those for a year and a half.   #blessed

Philippines is awesome crazy fun and all my peeps here in Lilo-an are beautiful- even though I didn't like the city at first I hope I don't transfer anytime soon .

Love you--keep on being the cooooolest fam i know!

My desk.  Haha, looks like home huh?


My new comp and our celebratory 7-11 ice cream when Sister Karen became IBD
New companion

Water buffalo.  He wasn't impressed with our message. 

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