WEEK 67 (Danao)

December 28, 2016

Man, besides the great time Skyping you on Sunday and the awesome Christmas party in Sagbayan- this past week has been rough. I had to finally leave my beloved family in Sagbayan. It was way harder than I expected...and I am still struggling with it now. I would think I would be used to the whole transferring thing by now.. but after many tears later I realize that I am not. 

I am now an STL  (like sister zone leader) in Danao Cebu.. really close to my first area Liloan #ironic.. and I did not miss the city.  I am also again in a ward after a year of brand new groups and branches.. so that's gonna be different. My new companion is Sister Loreto from Mindinao. I haven't gotten to know her too much because I have already been on exchanges with one of my batch mates all day, Sister Nalbog which is cool. We have 5 sister companionship all over Cebu and Camotes (another island) that we help so I should be pretty busy.  Kinda funny how my first two and last two transfers are in Cebu but the rest Bohol. Oh I miss Bohol and I very much miss the Jandayans. Parting from them was tough.. but I'm trying to be optimistic- there will be a new family for me to find here I know it!!!

Our mission leaders are really pushing for us to have weekly baptisms. To always be finding those prepared by the Lord through our diligence and Faith. I love it!! Even though it's hard being in a city- there are a lot of people so lots to talk about this great message of the restored gospel.  :) Well I'll have more to update on Monday about the new area.. !! love you all<3 
I can't send pics this week.. Sorri :( 
luv sister cook

WEEK 66 (Sagbayan)

December 18, 2016

Well last week flew by...I feel like I was just emailing.  But we were very busy, and very grateful that the Bells came home! Man I missed them. 

Nanay's baptism was awesome. She was glowing the whole day! We are both so happy for her and we know this is the beginning of a wonderful change to her life. Her faith is amazing. Not much more to say, especially because we will see each other soon :)) 

I love you and hope your Christmas season is awesome! 
love sister cook!! 

Our church here in Sagbayan

Nanay's baptism

Nanay's Baptism
Nanay's baptism (Elder Crowley baptized her)

I'm guessing this was a nightmare of a movie...

WEEK 65 (Sagbayan)

December 11, 2016

Man i have so much to say! This week we has been so busy. 

Yesterday was such a good Sunday! We started out by doing a Book of Mormon booth with some of the young women. It was crazy successful. We sat out our table and within 5 minutes a good 20 Books were passed out! We had the youth explaining to the people and then writing down their names so we can visit them. I also enjoyed taking the time to bring Books to all the sweet people we buy food from in the Market every week. They all are sweet to me and tell me fancy Filipino recipes I can try for lunch. They all accept the Books and hopefully we can visit them. But it was so fun- the youth got super into it. 
Then Sister Anderson and I went on splits with the YW cause we had two appointments in opposite places with two families! I took Apple, our recent convert and Sister Anderson took Jecelle our other recent convert and we taught. Then later that evening we worked with brother and sister Jandayan and visited their neighbors. It was so amazing to work and hear the strong testimonies of these people I saw baptized. It was such a good day, Sister Anderson and I were pumped about it. 

Nanay Jandayan had her interview and is so ready for her baptism on Saturday. We are so exited for her- her goal is to go to the temple.  And we have a new baptismal date for sister of apple, cleir.. she is so smart too... in our lesson her question was  "sister, is Lehi from the tribe of Jacob...?" She's 12... wow. 

Also this week we had a fun service project. We planted rice!! 

  It was at the Racoma's again and we got so muddy but it was so much fun and a good amount of work. Plus the Filipinos got a kick out of it and kept yelling "oh that's imported rice" cause white people were planting. I got pretty good at it!

 We have been working hard to do the Light the World challenge the best we can, I love it! and I know if you ask Heavenly Father for service opportunities he will give them to you. I love serving him and others every day. My favorite story about Christ is when Peter starts walking on the sea, he sees the waves and starts to sink but Christ is right there to catch him before he falls. He can be there to catch us and sometimes it is through others around us that we are caught. We can be Christ's hands for others in our lives. We can spread his love. 

I feel my Savior's love for all the people here. The Worth of Souls is truly great in the eyes of God. 

love you all. 2 weeks na lang. kita kits sa skype ;) 
sister cook

WEEK 64 (Sagbayan)

December 4, 2016
Maayong Odto (good noon hehe) 

Well this was a long week- but yet they go by so fast...thanks Dad for reminding me that I only have 14 left.  Sad!!! 

Did you know that Gandalf was also Noah?  The member did not understand why I was laughing so hard...

 Just some highlights. Nanay Linda Jandayan (mother of Fidel) has really committed to a date for baptism. She has this huge goal to go to the temple after her baptism so she "can feel the peace of God" its awesome. This is the nanay that first time I taught her with Sister Monteras was telling us she was Catholic and would die Catholic... but after her attendance of the baptism of her family, her heart was changed. She realized how far she was from God and has the strong desire to come unto Christ. To have her burdens lifted. It has been amazing to hear how her prayers have changed .  They went from a memorized "prayer" to a women talking humbly to her loving Father in heaven.  I love it and she loves it. Now we just need to pray for Tatay! (her husband haha).  Her date is December 17, she is insisting that Elder Bell baptizes her because she thinks she will just sink. It's pretty funny. 

Well this week Sister Anderson and I found little red worms in our water....ew!! ya we have no idea how long we had been showing with them, but it was gross.. We got it fixed real fast... ah gotta love the Philippines. 

Also a kid we have been teaching for a while now was shocked to find out that I wasn't 30.... like I mean shocked! That was hilarious. 

We had our mission Christmas party.. it was fun. Can't believe its been a year already..  I gave a talk about Christ and it went well. I loved studying about him and of course speaking about my Savior. He is why I am here- to help others find him and find his true church on Earth. I have so many weaknesses and I am so imperfect. But I know that someday through Him I can be perfect. He truly is our Salvation and the true meaning of Christmas. I hope you guys have all started the Light the World program. This is a great way to keep the true Spirit of Christmas in our hearts and to help those around us. 

I am grateful to have another Christmas serving him and serving these beautiful people I love so much. 

I love you all as well :) 
Amping mu diha permi. 

 From our mission conference:

Sister Anderson




WEEK 63 (Sagbayan)

November 27, 2016


Man did I miss you all this week. It was sad but a great week nonetheless. I will say, me and Sister Anderson (two Americans mind you) were sitting in weekly planning talking about our area and all of sudden I was like "wait, when's Thanksgiving?!?!?" and whatta ya know... we had completely missed it. I forgot Thanksgiving!!! Which is saying a lot for my favorite holiday :( we quickly tried to make some mashed potatoes and green beans..  But I'd say yours were way more spectacular.

Other news! Apple and Jecelle were baptized!! It was wonderful!! Their service was so sweet and they had the biggest smiles on their faces and gave sweet testimonies. They were both very influenced by the example of their classmate, Mariel Viodor who is a 1 year member here, before we even met them. You never know who is influenced by your example. Super cool, they had both been searching for some sort of guidance in their life. So happy they found it. 
(16) Apple's family has had some tough struggles- she was pretty much caught in a war of her mother and siblings and always felt suicidal/ alone . She is an avid reader of the Bible (she is so smart) and has always had questions about religion.. it wasn't until she started reading the Book of Mormon (already in Alma) and letting us teach her that her questions were answered. I will not be surprised if she serves a mission someday. 

Jecelle (17) is the youngest in her family and her parents are so kind, but they are always working. She loves to dance and is so small and cute! She had been to church before years ago with the elders and loved it but didn't have anyone to really fellowship her. She always says she just felt so at peace and happy when she went to church or around Mormons.  None of her family was able to come to her baptism but she was crying tears of joy with all the youth and members that came and supported her. 

I love them and grateful I have them in my life. 

Also since Sister Bell is gone, guess who's teaching seminary.... us!!  hehe it's so fun!  Especially in Bisaya. We are studying Acts right now- wow its fun.