WEEK 17 (Lilo-an)

January 3, 2016

Happy New Year!!

I actually had trouble believing it was already 2016.  2015 went by so fast. But 2016 is my full year her in the Philippines. Ha, New Year's was insanity here... at 11:50 I was woke up because everyone that owned a vehicle was just blaring their horns for a solid 10-15 minutes... Then -- there are no rules for anything here, especially not fireworks -- at 12 everywhere in the sky was lit up by different fireworks.  It was pretty cool, but very loud when firework are right outside your window.  New Year's Day the entire city was asleep-- but we still were able to teach a lot! 
Also all sorts of holiday goodies/treats have come out these past two weeks and, guess what?  Most are made of rice!!!  So that has been sometimes yummy sometimes just weird haha. 

I had an awesome week with all our investigators.  Good new mom-- we were finally able to meet up and teach Cecilia a lot this week and she is progressing so well!!! She loves church and the Book of Mormon, we taught her about the Book of Mormon and when we went back she had started her own study journal and loved the passages we had given her. It was a cool experience- the same with Karen, we taught her about the Book of Mormon and since then she has been actively reading it and finding her own answers in her reading. It's beautiful- Sister Herdegen and I have really have learned and believe how important the Book of Mormon is for the lives and the conversion of our investigators.  That book is the biggest blessing that we have- I love giving it to people because I know that if they read it, their lives will be changed for the better.

We met with the Floras family again last night and gave them all copies- I truly hope and pray they will read because I love them all so much. Arnie (the dad) really expressed to us his confusion. His whole life he has been Catholic and he just has believed whatever because of tradition- but he knows their is a God and he prays every night. So listening to our message, (about the Restoration, Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father as separate beings, the foundations of the Gospel, Book of Mormon) it all makes so much sense to him, yet he doesn't know what to believe anymore.  I really truly encouraged and asked him to pray to know the truth- pray to God and ask-- that's all we can do and should do! And I know if he does that he will get an answer. Keep him in your prayers-- he is a wonderful man and father. 

This week has been great in the work.  My and comp and I have achieved all of our goals and feel very exhausted this P-day, so that is fulfilling. I was able to watch a Disney movie and eat yummy food on New Year's Eve with my zone, so that was fun. 

Sometimes I feel like I am improving a lot with Bisyia, but sometimes I feel like not at all.  It's a hard process and I struggle, but I trust it will come. 

I miss you all thanks for you support and love.  I love all of your emails!  Also, sorry, I have lots of fun pics but I forgot my camera!!! oops next week. 

luv sister cook (or as many Filipinos have pointed out only one letter away from sister cool :) 

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