WEEK 18 (Lilo-an)

January 10, 2016

Wow this transfer is halfway over already! I am almost done with training ah! 

Well yesterday I showed up at the Flores' house soaking wet and muddy because of course I was tapul-an (lazy) and didn't bring an umbrella.  We got caught out in the bukid in a huge storm... ya they laughed because I tried to use a banana leaf for cover, but I was soaked.... Doesn't matter because we still taught and they are still awesome!! Even though it has been a slow progression because we can only teach them on Sundays they all are progressing!!! Bryan their oldest son has read the BOM everyday and hopefully they will all come to church on Sunday!  That would be amazing.  I love them.

This week flew by- we were busy busy..
Today I found actual green romaine lettuce at market today, and even though it was expensive I bought it and will probably cry with happiness because I thought I was going to go my whole mission without eating a real salad. God answers prayers.  If only I could buy "being fluent" in Bisaya at the market too.... 

Sorry again I forgot my camera... 

I love my families here in Lilo-an, I love the Savior and this Church, and I love all of you!  amping till next week !!! 

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