WEEK 19 (Lilo-an)

January 20, 2016


So I was able to go to the temple this week, thats why my p-day is Wednesday. It was awesome, so peaceful and a beautiful temple in a busy, crazy city. 

We have been very busy here, which is the best! Good news too- Na'nay Lourdes, one of my first investigators is getting baptized this Saturday!!  I am so excited and so is the ward- everyone is super invested in her and so it will be a beautiful day! I am excited for her too- she doesn't have a family (her husband died and her only daughter kinda just left her) so I am excited for her to have a ward family. She doesn't have much to do so she just plows through the Book of Mormon.  It's awesome.  I have a very deep love for her and how kind/ humble she is.
Lourdes in her house with cute little Mia, her kitty. Don't you just love her!! I had to take a pic by surprise cause she won't smile in posed pictures! haha

Sister Herdegen and I are almost done-- tracting has been pretty easy cause at this point anyone will let us in because we are both American, so we have taught a lot.  Not sure how many will progress but it has still been a good experience. This is my last full week in training, praying I'll stay in Liloan next week after transfers.  I do not want to leave Karen and her Family- she is coming so far. Last night we did a big Family Home Evening with the elders and it was so fun, taught a lesson and played some funny games. I lost and had to share a talent...  I couldn't think of anything so I told them I could touch my tongue to my nose and they all freaked out... so that was my "talent" everyone wanted pictures...  kinda funny (thanks mom ;) 

Also funny.. I don't know what it is with me and getting soaked here but this week in my apartment I turned on the shower and the whole thing fell off the wall... haha water was spraying everywhere for like two hours and I was soaked again... and that means... bucket showers! wohooo! I'm a pro now- who needs a shower head anyways?

 sige sige well i love reading your emails- everyone keep updating me with your lives! 
 I have been studying a lot about Christ lately, I teach a lot of people who believe our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are the same person- this makes me so sad... We don't just have one person who loves us unconditionally- but two!! And our Father loves us so much he sent his firstborn son, a son who was willing, to die and to suffer for every single one of us. It's a lot to take in sometimes, when you think about all the people in the world.. and to think of how hard that was for Christ. To know that even He prayed and asked his Father for another way... but despite it all, despite all the pain and suffering- he went through it all. All for us. It is beautiful and I pray we can all feel and see his love in the world around us everyday.

 Love you all,
Sister Cook (I think everyone finally ran out of nicknames for me)  

Selfie :)))

FHE with Karen and Elders (red dots part of the game)

One of my favorite pictures with my favorite kids!

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