WEEK 20 (Lilo-an)

January 26, 2016

Wow, so much to say!!

First off, we are in the middle of a typhoon so it has been raining and windy nonstop since Sunday! Wow the mud is crazy and I have already been through one umbrella, but hey nothing is too tough for my Tevas. The work continues :))) 

Also big big news!!  I am transferring! crazy crazy. I was so sure that I was staying (normal for your follow up to stay) that I wasn't paying attention during transfer calls and when the zone leaders told me I assumed that they were joking.... 5 minutes later I realized that they weren't joking... (ahha embarrassing I like jumped up and said "wait I'm transferring?!?! in the middle of the meeting.. classic) anyways!!!

I am going to Loon, Bohol!! The infamous island of Bohol!!! How cool does that sound- Loon (pronounced loh-ohn not loooon..  Yup, made that mistake in front of everyone too #american...) is by the ocean but supposedly pretty bukid and rural in the mountains so i am stoked... but also so sad to leave my family here in Liloan...  Also it's a slightly different dialect of Bisaya so, yay haha.. 
I am little nervous because I will be whitewashing again.. (that's what Sister Tubola and I did at first here in Liloan--when both missionaries come into an area at the same time.  It's hard because you have to figure out the entire area all on your own and usually find all new investigators).  So pray for me... Also sad because I won't get mail as fast, but exciting to go teach and help on another island.
I am supposed to leave tomorrow but I'm not sure about that with the typhoon and all.

Sige! Highlight for sure of the week! Na'nay Lourdes baptism!!! OH my it was awesome to see her baptized.. but also an experience. The font at our church was broken so the APs came and drove everyone to the mission home and she was baptized in the mission home pool! haha that was a first for Pres. Tanner but the Spirit was the there. Poor Nay was so tired after the whole ordeal but it definitely was a baptism to remember. It was amazing to see.. honestly she was one of the first people I tracted and no one expected her to be this receptive- but wow! She wanted it and I watched her change... I love her so and will miss her. But I'll see her on my way home (all missionaries depart from Lilo-an.. perk for sure)

Well thank you for you support and prayers.  As each week goes by I become more and more confident in my purpose here and more and more reliant on my Heavenly Father.  He loves us all so much!!!! I see it everyday. 

Love you,
 Sister Cook 

ps i have lots of pictures for you!! Goodbyes make for prime picture taking opportunities. 
Muddy roads and lots of rain!

My store!

More rain and mud...

Yum delicious! 

Fried fishy

Me and Cecilia!

Last FHE with the Modenendos

Me and InIn



Me and Sister Mara.  She was less active when I got here but not anymore.  She lives near Na'Nay and has really taken her under her wing...love her!

Baptism of Sister Na'nay Lourdes

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