WEEK 22 (Loon, Bohol)

February 7, 2016

Wow, this week flew by!

Found a lot of members' houses this week and some potential investigators.  Also discovered that half of our area is deep, deep in the mountains and it's impossible for us to get too without taking a hubble hubble (*single motorcycle, which is not allowed for missionaries) so that was a bummer.. but also makes our area a bit smaller. 

Also struggled with the language--there is a slightly different dialect here in Bohol.  Usually it's ok, but some of the older people here are really hard for me to understand.  When your native Cebuano-speaking companion is having trouble, you know you're in for it. 

This week :
*   tried to explain to Filipinos what a burrito is... difficult. 
*  currently seeking for revelation on why God created mosquitos... 
*  chicken intestines are a part of my diet now... no judging, they are delicious. 

amping mo!!! 

Home away from home!
My cute comp and a daily dinner -- bbq (she hates veggies..my body is taking a hit for sure)

I'm just glad there wasn't any oil around or they would have fried it and made me eat it...

Some members/president of our Branch

View from part of our area...so green!

Ocean with beautiful white sand here

Our apartment

This is how we find peoples' houses around here...people draw sketches.  #treasurehunt

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  1. I love it! Such great experiences and pictures. Thanks you for sharing.