WEEK 24 (Loon, Bohol)

February 21, 2016 

When you give a kid a snickers... 

Hey hey,
So I'll be brief with a quick little story. We are now teaching Victor's family (the coconut guy) and his family is awesome- especially his daughter Nelvey- she is really progressing and will hopefully be baptized soon. But anyways, there is the cutest little boy who runs around this town of Loon with autism, I think...and it's sad because all the town people call him crazy- but he is the sweetest. Sister Panorel and I thought he was homeless.. he likes to follow us cause we always have candy- but ah I met him like first day here and just love him... guess what! Turns out he is Victor's kid also (they have 9 in all)! crazy coincidence! The family gave us lots of fresh crabs this week- delicious!!! 

Well the work continues- we were really busy this week contacting all our new investigators from last week.. kinda seeing who is really interested versus who just wanted to hear an American speak Bisaya... unfortunately there were more of the latter but we still have a few that have lots of potential. 

Sister Panorel and I have lots of fun together!!! haha we have both started taking video journals of our adventures- they are quite funny. And she is a master at destroying giant spider webs in the jungle... she likes to fight spiders but I just stay away cause I ain't about to touch one of those... 

Miss you all- thought a lot about you this week. I am almost at 6 months crazy.  Yet seems like I've been here forever haha

Have a good one- remember CTR (choose the right? nahhh here its more like cook the rice :)))))))))))) <333

kugihan ti-il (dilgent feet #tevatans yay)

Me and Athena

First sister activity!

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