WEEK 25 (Loon, Bohol)

February 29, 2016

Emailing late because Sister Panorel and I went on an adventure today! haha we went to this famous look- out point in Segbiyan- it was fun. Lots of opportunities for pictures so I'll send some. 

Right now I am in the Loon internet cafe and there are tons of teenage boys and the minute I sat down they all started singing random songs and it's really funny...

Well, this week has been tough. We were punted so much- some days we would walk all over miles and miles and everywhere we went nobody would listen or our investigator would be gone. Also, all of our investigators will not come to church and it's so frustrating. I don't really understand, in my mind if I am investigating a church I would want to actually go to church to experience it... I'm not sure where the disconnect is there...it's a tough area for sure.

However, this week we received referrals and worked with some of the members here in Loon. That is awesome- members are so important to the work because they know the people/area way better than we will ever!! 

Also!!! papayas grow like weeds here and all the members know I love them so we have been getting so much!! It's amazing!!! I eat them everyday


Well, this week I heard in church "a family that prays together stays together" and I believe it... I know I was a punk in high school about doing family prayer- but I really see how much kneeling together as a family can bring you closer and have the spirit in your home. so do ittttt :))) 

This week we built a chicken coop for a member- that was cool.  I think because we whitewashed both Sister Panorel and I will stay here in Loon.. transfers next week already wow. 

nahigugma ko sa inyo daghan!!

Sister Cook

Today's catch

Prepping dinner

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