WEEK 26 (Loon, Bohol)

March 8, 2016

Wohoo yusss I am 20!  No longer bata pa.

Thank you for the birthday wishes!! We kept it on the down low here in Loon and had a little birthday dinner with the elders at a members house- it was yummy. 

Weird to be 20- and weird that you will never be with me while I am 20. basta I'M OLD NOW  :(((

So, so so...news! I  am transferring. again, and so is Sister Panorel.. ya crazy our area is being whitewashed again which we aren't too happy about because it took us a while to get to know the place and find investigators and now it's back to ground zero again with new missionaries... But we left a bunch of "maps" and notes so hopefully they will find all our investigators and things will be a little easier for them than us. 

I am transferring to another island! ya i didn't even know about this one.. Panglao- it's off the coast of Bohol and is close to their big city, Tagibalarian. ya i dont know anything about the area really. But I'm getting (another) new companion and this is her last transfer, so it means I'll get another companion after for sure. Wow, so much change and while packing last night it literally feels like I just got to Loon.... SO bummed to leave the branch here because they are amazing, but new opportunities and experiences elsewhere. 

I just keep trying to remember the story of the starfish as I am about to move again.  A girl in my zone shared it the other day. One day a bunch of starfish were washed up on the shore and an old man was trying super hard to throw them back but there were thousands... kids came up to him and said "what are you doing there are so many- you'll never help them all." And he said "no I wont, but I can make a difference for at least some."  I think the story went something like that but the point is that sometimes I walk around feeling as though I am accomplishing nothing or that I'm not working hard enough because there is no progression. But we never know what the results of our efforts are and who is being lifted up. So to all of you also-- know that even if you can't see the fruits of your actions or testimony that you can make a difference :) cheesy I know but I love you !!!

Sige that's all I've got for this week really. I love Sister Panorel and will miss her lots and the area of Loon- but heyyyyyyy, the Lord wants me elsewhere. 

Sister Cook
P.S.  Oh no, Panorel made me promise that if I got transferred I would try chicken feet... I'll let you know how that goes lawlz  

 Birthday video to dad
Me and From From.  He is a member's dog that always follows me when I walk by their house!  He wants to be a missionary (same age and size as Cleo)!

Last Sunday with Sister Panorel in Loon

On the bus...
Nanay Segovia!  First member here in Loon--half the branch is referrals from her.  Amazing, huh?
My Calape zone

My first STL, Sister Tomas before she went home!

another selfi with papaya for my walk to bukid

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