WEEK 27 (Panglao)

March 13, 2016

Panglao- huge tourist island, pretty much a beach town so I felt right at home my first day... We have walked a lot the two days I got to work- not a lot of rides (or many are super expensive cause so many tourists, I mean in reality it's not expensive at all but I live off the peso now not the dollar- so expensive!! ) 

My house is very cute- lots of flowers in the front and bigger than the last one. All my running water is from the ocean!  So sometimes my water for bucket showers are hot water- I hate it. I miss cold. 
I was reading in Corinthians 9 verses 19-23 about Paul... Paul was a missionary and he talks a little about how in order to teach the Jews or the people he was teaching he conformed to their ways and laws .. basically embraced their culture! It the same for me- my first week on my mission i was bombarded by American sisters complaining about how life was here on the mission and how excited they were to get back to America... this made me so sad! Because I was lucky to already have an idea on how life would be here but I was excited to be immersed in a new culture. I have learned that that is they way to be happy and to gain the trust of the people and have a great love for them. Yes, I miss things from back home- and yes I still really struggle with the language... But in all other aspects I really am a Filipina... like a lot of things I did before I do differently.  It will be weird to adjust when I get home. But anyways, the Philippines are great- I hope you will all be able to come here someday. 

I love you all and miss you lots--I am far away but know that I think of you all often! 

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