WEEK 28 (Panglao)

March 20, 2016

Wow.. . this has been the longest week for me so far as well so far in my mission.  I have a new companion, Sister Samoya, which means that I am leading this huge area that I just got too and barely worked in! Ya kinda like whitewashing again ... but so far it has been good!!  We already have 3 new investigators and Sister Samoya is a native Bisaya speaker which helps me a lot too.  She is my batch [arrived in the mission field at the same time] too! So we are both new and full of energy and willing to try new things.  It's funny, of all my batch she is the last one that I thought I would be comps with but its amazing how the Lord works.  She is very  sweet and humble, and she's from the surfing capital of the Philippines!! Cool!  First Filipino I have ever met that has surfed before.  Also she is an amazing artist, so that's fun - we want to start doing art projects on  p-days. I really do want to just work and find success and really master this language.  Some days I feel good and confident in my ability to speak and be fluent someday, and other days I think that I'll never understand....  So many Americans get it, but there are also cases where missionaries go home knowing just enough to get by.  I don't want that!  Oh man just thinking that literally makes me cry.  But learning a language is so hard for me so far.
We had a bapstim of the sister here before me. It was a  beautiful service and Ana Marie is a beautiful women! I get to teach her all of the recent convert lessons yay!  Also super cool story-- the elders here in Panglao have an investigator name Jessa who is deaf and only knows ASL.  However, no one in her family has learned ASL so she literally never has anyone to talk to, since she is older and out of school.  So the elders came and one of the elders knew the alphabet in ASL and she freaked out!! So she immediately came to church and everyone at church was trying to learn to talk to her and she was so happy!  Her baptism is April 9 and I am so excited for her- she is so cute and I love trying to talk with my alphabet sign language knowledge.  Haha maybe Cami you could send me some tips. But that elder that only knew the alphabet at the beginning can now sign super well just by teaching her and her helping him- its been cool to hear and see. 

The Panglao group here is amazing!! we are so close to becoming a branch and getting our own chapel (we meet in a member's home) we just need a couple more priesthood holders!!  I have confidence it will be soon- I hope I can stay long enough to see progression.  But it's fun because I can just already see the growth and how the Lord is preparing the people here.  Excited for this week- cause no obstacles to stop the work from progressing! How great to be a missionary- it really is quite cool.
I miss you guys! We talk soon MAY!!  By the way the months fly by that will be like tomorrow haha!
nahigugma ko sa inyo <3  


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