WEEK 29 (Panglao)

March 27, 2016

Hi, I am sorry I haven't written but i have so much to say because this week has been probably one of the best weeks of my mission so far! 

So me and my new compaction are batch, which means we got here in the mission the same time-- this is pretty unusual to be companions because usually there is a senior and junior comp- and we are pretty much whitewashing... so our motto has been "salig lang" which sorta means "all we need is trust" in English.  And wow, how beautiful and true that motto has been because we have been blessed so much.  It's hard to put in words all of our experiences but I will do my best.

The Panglao group here is so close to becoming a branch and getting a chapel- all it needs is some more priesthood leaders and I know the Lord is preparing the area and people here so it will grow. We found an amazing family, the Cababahay family- and they are so ready, we have only taught them 3 times and they already have a baptismal date and came to church yesterday and loved it. It was the BEST Easter gift to walk in and see them all sitting there.  They are awesome and it's awesome because its both Brother Rolly and Sister Elizabeth, not just one.  They told us last night that usually when they try and go to other churches they always end up arguing or fighting but this time they all were excited to go and loved it and didn't fight at all. It was so cool to hear.

This area is usually meant for elders on bikes because it is so big and there is little transportation, so we walked so so much this week, but it was awesome because everywhere we ended up there was someone that needed to hear the Gospel or needed our help.  Also, one day we were in our farthest area.. usually we have to start heading home early to be home in time for curfew because it's a really long walk.. but as we were there lessons kept popping up and we stayed later and later and just kept saying "salig lang salig lang'... and the Lord totally provided- we had jeepneys going right to our house almost suddenly appear! It was so so cool and really a little miracle for us cause we were exhausted. 

We have been exhausted every day this week but Sister Samoya and I both love it!  We are exhausted but so so happy because we love this area and we love helping it grow and do the Lord's work,  My confidence as a missionary has grown exponentially as well - I honestly feel like we can do anything and accomplish anything because I know the God of the universe is on our side and right there with us... I really experienced the gift on tongues a lot lately during our lessons... I would start speaking and have really no idea what I was saying or after what I said but I just felt the spirit so strong.. and after my comp said everything I  said made sense and, ya it's really cool.  Slowly but surely my language is improving I think.. I am kinda at the point where I know enough just to talk so even though I am making a ton of mistakes all the time at least I'm always talking and practicing. it's so fun talking in another language!!!  Especially Bisaya-- honestly it's the funniest language, so many expressions and everyone speaks it differently so it's easy to have personalty in the way you speak. Also sometimes really hard to figure out but fun as I get better and better.

My companion Sister Samoya is super cool as well- she is like one of the most talented people I have ever met. Amazing at art, sports, knows like 5 languages and she loves Florence Italy as much as I do.. (she studied architecture there for a while) also she is from the surfing capital of the Philippines and is the first Filipino i have ever met that has surfed before!! How cool is that! we get along great and she is hardworking

I really am so blessed to be here in Panglao- to be able to help this group grow and grow- we have the sweetest and coolest members who most are recent converts themselves so they just want to share share share! It's awesome, and I love it, I love being a missionary. I love the Philippines and I love this Gospel. 
and all of you :)))))))))))) 
ayo ayo 
sister cook 

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