WEEK 30 (Panglao)

April 3, 2016

Maayong Hapon!!!
I just found out by email that Nanay Lourdes from my first area in Lilo-an passed away on Thursday by heart attack.... 
I am so sad that I won't see her when I go home and that none of you will ever meet her here because she was the kindest lady. But I am grateful that she is in a better place now. She lived long enough to accept the gospel and I know she is being blessed in heaven because of it.
Panglao has been good- The Cababahay family came to church again and loved it again!! They might try and come to General Conference this week but it's all the way in the city and tough thing to bring their little boys too... (haha one of their boys snuck away while parent were in Sunday School and his brother found him showering in a water spicket hahaha so classic.) but despite one of their boys running around half naked and wet they still loved church. 
We have been saying family prayers with them at the end of every lesson and it is an amazing feeling to kneel down and feel the spirit in their home as they learn and progress in the Gospel. Ever since they started listening to our message and coming to church they have been receiving all sorts of blessings.. including people just giving them tons of fruits (which they then give to us haha), brother finding more work opportunities and less arguments between the two of them. This Gospel is so GOOD and so centered around our families.
Ah I just have so much fire to find more families like them ready for the gospel!!!
And guess what- since our area is so big WE ARE GETTING BIKES!!! hahah.  I know I know, Sisters on bikes is ridiculous but this is such a tourist/ beachy town and totally flat so it's totally gonna work and be awesome because we can explore and get to so many more parts of our area. WE are stoked!!! first sisters in Cebu East mission to get bikes hola (maybe even all the Philippines idk :) anyways Salig lang we are getting cute little korean bikes with bells and baskets so look forward to pics next week should get them thurs-- everyone is anxious to see how it goes.  I'm anxious to get my noble steed.
Well I love the Lord, love this Church really really love this work and love you all !
Remember it's more fun in the Philippines (maybe I'll just stay after mission, plenty of ladies offer their sons up to me weekly as my husband because they want a foreigner daughter in law, little do they know I'm a Filipina at heart- rice and all)
sister cook 

Did a district activity this morning!  So fun-went on a hike to a giant cross--we went super early so no people.  It was fun just to goof around, take funny pics and vids with friends.


Ann Marie's (recent convert) cute kids in their house

The Macabane family!  They are 1-year converts and just got sealed in the temple.  They are seriously so awesome and love learning more about the Book of Mormon so we teach them every week and I love it--so cute and their conversion story is awesome.

Me and the Cababahay's youngest, Christian

It was really hot!

Cababahay kids!! SO CUTE and the boys are hilarious!

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