WEEK 31 (Panglao)

April 11, 2016

hi hi!!! 
Updates... Zone Conference was yesterday and I finally got to see BFF Sister Sumo and it was so awesome.  We were inseparable the whole conference. 

Karen Romeo my investigator from Lilo-an is finally getting baptized this week!!! I am so excited for her--she and her daughter sent me the sweetest letter and are so excited to be baptized. I told a friend there to take pics for me :) yay

And we got our bikes yesterday! ha! wow they are pretty much two Korean barbie bikes so that's funny.. I lost a bet with my comp so I get the pink one (and I mean PINK).  Haven't ridden it yet but I'm pretty sure I'll feel like a 7 year old girl again- but hey, it has wheels, basket and a bell so who can complain. 

I have also learned this week that in the midst of total rejection and people hiding or not being the nicest I always just start laughing.. Like we got some very unkind words and actions this week and I was cracking up about it the whole day. I don't know if its the most dignified reaction but I think it's better than feeling down the rest of the day. 

Our Family the Cababahay's are really progressing and I love them. There kids are pretty much the three minions from despicable me -- best way I can describe them. The spirit in their home and their relationships have changed so much since we started teaching them and it's amazing to experience.. I had been praying since the beginning of my mission to find and help a family and now that I have the feeling is better than I imagined. This Gospel is so good. Can't wait for their baptism. 

I have been thinking a lot about the Lord and how we really can accomplish anything through him and how he can qualify anyone to accomplish His work. So many examples throughout the scriptures Moses, Daniel, Esther and especially Joseph Smith. I think about those stories and just truly realize how God is the same today as he was then and will ever be... Who am I? I am barely 20 years old, barely passed Spanish in high school and really didn't understand many aspects of the Gospel before I came out, and here I am.  On a small island in the Pacific teaching people of all ages in another language only spoken here about the Gospel-- and they are understanding. And this is happening to 75,000 missionaries around the world!  I know this is the Lord's work and that he qualifies those he calls. Sometimes I really look back and wonder how certain things happened but then I remember that anything is possible with the Lord and if you pray for miracles- you will see them in your life. 

I am doing great here in Panglao-- really hoping to stay- transfers next week already oh my. My comp and I get along great and teach well together... looking forward to Mothers Day! Love you all

oh ps conference was gooooood! i watched some in Bisaya haaha 

me and sumo
my island !! 
me and gabriel (anna maries son) 

Sister Sumo
My island!
Me and Gabriel (Anna Marie's son)
Silly comp pic #1
Silly comp pic #2

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