WEEK 32 (Panglao)

April 19, 2016

Yes the dreaded day of transfers is over and me and Sister Samoya are not leaving! We are super happy even though this past week here has been pretty tough. 

Not much to say except-- wow, it is so so so so so hot.  All the time.  I don't even have cold bucket showers anymore cause it's so hot outside.  My face is never not sunburned and all the Filipinos like to comment on that. 

Few things that I have noticed about having our bikes: 
     - Dogs really like to chase them.
     - The area you swore was super flat while walking is actually not. 
     - The Barbie pink is actually sorta growing on me.

We have experienced a lot of rejection, heartbreak and trials this week, but we are both determined to push through and build up this area.  Our group is so close to becoming a branch--we just need to find those who are prepared.  Being a missionary really is just so fun, especially here in the Philippines- I just always find myself laughing at some of the places/situations that we find ourselves in. No day is the same and every day is an adventure- just how i like it!
see you soon!
Love, Ryan

Me and "Panny" (my noble steed--short for Panalangin blessing in Bisaya, and also Sis. Panorel cause she would love an all pink bike!)

Weekly selfie with Gabriel.  haha love im

group activity with Jessa (the Elders' deaf investigator--she is the sweetest)

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