WEEK 37 (Panglao)

May 22, 2016

Hello Hello mga gwapos ug mga gwapas,
gimingaw jud ko sa inyo ...
My life is very much here now- it will be weird to ever leave the Philippines that's for sure. Good thing I still got time to enjoy it- enjoy the sweet people, the crazy and delicious food, and the depth of culture that is found in all aspects of life here.
We were able to have stake conference with Elder Shane Bowen of the Seventy yesterday. It was awesome! He is awesome!!! And it was so cool because Tagibilaran is a super new stake but there was a great attendance and great organization.
And then he met with all the missionaries for a meeting in our stake, and gave us the best tips on how to improve our missions and he said some things that directly helped me and answered my prayers... It was amazing and made me so grateful to my father in heaven who answers us!  
This is my last week probably in Panglao together with Sister Samoya- odds our one of us will be tranferred, which is super sad- honestly it has gone by so so fast! I can't believe it's almost June. I got to Panglao in March!!! woah.. and I have loved staying with one comp for awhile! Although our sweet recent convert Anna Marie really prayed in our closing prayer last night that we would both stay in Panglao for the rest of our missions so that was the cutest thing ever and God grants prayers soooo :)))  I wish honestly despite the struggle we are having with people progression. Although Elder Bowen promised us that there are thousands people here in Bohol waiting and that the time for this beautiful island to grow in the gospel is NOW. It has been a slow progression for the Tagbi stake the last 15 years.  However, lately it has been growing faster than before!! We as missionaries just need to have faith and take action on our faith by opening our mouths with everyone! The people are so prepared- the islands of the Philippines are centered on God and families and the people are so humble. God will continue to work his wonders here.

Also in the meeting he shared an experience where he went to this restaurant and started talking to the worker there who said she knew me and then he left her a pass-along card promising I'd bring her a Book of Mormon... so when he shared this in front of all the missionaries it was kinda awkward for me (I should have brought her one sooner) but it honestly didn't embarrass me at all haha it just made me realize I need to be better.. WE all need to be better about talking to everyone about this Gospel because its is true and can bless and help anyone if they let it. Something I have really seen while serving and something I will be better about the rest of my life.
Ok ok plz send me love (... love means pictures of your lives... ) that's better than American chocolate X)
Well we will see what is in store for me next week.. "should i stay or should i go"
luvvss u all

went out to dinner with dauis sisters :)) we ate seaweed salad and kwek-kwek
(fried quail eggs)  so yummy and the restaurant was a LEGIT shack on the side of roador like hole in the wall and it was so yummy and so good. and so not rice woah.

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