WEEK 35 (Panglao)

 May 8, 2016 (Mother's Day!)

So fun talking to you guys today- it seems like time flies!!! But I ain't countin' the days just trying to make the days count :)  I promise to send a letter next week. But I'm happy even in the hard days- such a cool opportunity I have and such a blessing that I have the gospel in my life and your lives too. Forever grateful, and forever grateful for you guys!
love you!!!

Cababahay family!  Finally took picture!

funny story. so we aren't really supposed to as missionaries hold babies, which is sometimes hard cause kids crawl all over us all the time here.  But the other day we went to a less active family with a bunch of  young kids (oldest 9) and the mom was gone and it was just the young 9 year old with her 4 other younger sibling including this 3 month baby... and the mom was like gone... so all of a sudden she just handed me the baby and left to go find her mom. so it was just me and Sis. Samoya with this baby for like 15 mins and we felt so awkward... she's adorable right :)))

Picture of all the super moms/women in the Panglao group

Weekly selfie of Gabriel Lofranco

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