WEEK 36 (Panglao)

May 16, 2016

Wow halfway through May already...I hate how fast the transfers are going cause I just want to stay in Panglao forever... I just love the people here so much and I don't want to move again. (maybe I'll beg my mission pres to let me stay hehe)

Basta!!! Family! it was so good to hear your voices and see your faces... seems like life sucks there without me :)))  Joke. But seriously know that I'm always missing and loving ya. Shout out to all the moms out there! 

This week Cababahay family came to church again yay!  But sister still feels shes isn't ready to be baptized but she really wants to be-- slowly but surely. 

One day we had no where to go and didn't know what to do and said a prayer asking to be led.. jumped on our bikes for a little bit and we both stopped at the same time at this little road.. started walking and literally found ourselves at the door of the sweetest lady who had met with missionaries before. ya. it was so cool!

Election day here!  Wow, election week in the Philippines is a crazy place. It is so different than in America. You can see the people in the open giving money to their supporters. Pretty much everyone here takes bribes.. So the day after voting, everyone was rich #duterte
I took a nap on the beach.. (p-day) so niceee!!! just like home. 

I started a few weeks ago studying the Bible because I want to read it cover to cover.. and now our mission pres (who only has 1 month left) committed us to read the Book of Mormon before he leaves AND Sis. Samoya and I started teaching D&C seminary class (which I really haven't read thoroughly before)  and we teach gospel principals... soooooo even though I'm not in school it's a lot of studying.. I love it!!!!!  I am learning so much and I know that no other time in my life will I have this much time to study the gospel.  Even now I don't have enough time, because like the body needs to sleep ya know. 

Also a quick update on my Barbie bike... It's slowly dying.  The past few weeks I have lost a pedal, fender, chain covering, many bolts, have 1 mountain bike tire, makes a huge squeaking noise when I ride and have brakes tied together with a string... It's hilarious, but PANNY LIVES ... buhi pa siya.  and they continue to help us teach more lessons and work harder. 

welp that's all I got for now, love you all and grateful for the people who read my emails and write me!  I'm also loving life here despite the challenges. Panglao is one cool island. 

A few months ago Pres Neilson visited the Philippines Bacolad mission.. after having a huge conference with all the members there he said this : “Look at those happy faces. Whatever their living conditions are, they are smiling. They’re so dedicated and faithful. … You look at these dear people. You just want to love them. They have gone through so much.”

I couldn't say it any better.. I love the people I am serving so much and they continue to inspire me everyday. How great is my calling!


Our cute neighbor that always comes in during our planning

Sorry, I couldn't help myself

Helping Hands cleaning along Alona Beach

New bike?

P-day beach fun!

Me and Sis. Samoya

We found our new apartment!

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