WEEK 42 (Panglao)

June 26, 2016

To tell you the truth this past week has been really tough- it seriously was one of the craziest weeks of my mission- so much happened, I was so exhausted but i just prayed and went to bed and feel better waking up this morning.  A new energy to start the week and have a better one... I hate it when my p-days are on Wednesday-- it messes up my mind haha (it's happening again this next p-day cause we have another conference with new pres).
Anyways...wanna know what happened to me this week? I'll inform you--don't freak out cause its been insane...

So on Thursday after finishing a long day of working there was a huge blackout here in Panglao--it was so dark while riding our bikes...scary.  And then there was a storm, super windy and rainy and then of course i got a flat tire far from our house and we had to drop our bikes off at the Elders and walk home... Ya that sounds crazy but that was all fine--like an adventure and Samoya and I were in good spirits because we had good lessons with our IBD and new investigator.

Our district leader and a new trainee wanted to check-in on us to make sure we were ok and while passing our house, the trainee asked for water and needed to rest (they are on bikes too).  So he sits on our porch and we are all talking and all of a sudden the new Elder starts having a full on asthma attack and passes out.... his left for home to get his inhaler...so me and my comp had too deal with this in the pitch black stormy night!  To make a long story short, we called member and got to the hospital and I waited with the Elder until the zone leaders came and took control of the situation.  We didn't get to bed that night till 2... so that was insanity!

Also, on Saturday, finally the baptism of Nanay Macabane (it seemed like everything was trying to make it so her baptism didn't push through, but Nanay is one tough lady and she pushed through it all).  But before the service started, little Princess Macabane (her granddaughter) was playing in the piano and stuck her finger in the pedal socket and something inside cut her pinky finger... she starts screaming and everyone thought it was just a little cut.  I got a quick view of the blood and hearing her screams so I pushed my way through the frantic moms and Nanay and realized very quickly that if she didn't get to the hospital quickly she would loose her finger.  It had cut her pinky tip almost all the way off.  Poor Sister Macabane was trying to console her child.  I'm glad Sister Herdegen was there or else I might have lost it in the pure chaos.  But we quickly explained to the mother that if she wants to keep the finger she need to go to the hospital now, and they went.  Like I said before, Nanay Macabane is a strong women and she insisted that they continue with her baptism and we did and it was beautiful (just a little solemn... the image of Princess's poor finger and her cries were kinda imprinted in my head), but Nanay is now the newest member of the Panglao group and it feels good to finally have a baptism after our hard work here.  

I also got really frustrated because another of our investigator families didn't come to church again, and we have no idea why.  I started to feel like all of our work here was for nothing.  This week me and Sister Samoya will do some serious tracting and find a bunch of new investigators... hopefully we will be lead to those that are looking for the Gospel.  

I really have been enjoying the 10 pages of the Book of Mormon everyday challenge from the Mission President--I am almost done!!  I totally feel that I am more prone to feel the Spirit because I read it every day and make it a priority.. definitely the fastest I have ever read it!  It's such a cool book honestly--I love it, and I really feel so lucky that I have it and have a knowledge of whats in it... like earlier this week we were criticized and sorta "attacked" by this crazy tatay during a lesson... but it was so sad because he kept pointing to a single verse in the Old Testament ... like there was no point of the New Testament at all or the purpose of Christ.  Even when Sister Samoya said she doesn't want to argue because that's not of God the man still continues to argue and contend.. .Satan has such a strong hold!! As funny as it was also depressing :/ 

So that was my week... haha kinda insane I know.  It really hasn't been the best but its been experiences I guess..this next one will be better!!! I love our mountain bikes too!!! 

I love you and think about you all the time!!! 

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