WEEK 43 (Panglao)

July 3, 2016

This week for me was still crazy as always but not nearly as bad as last week...only power outages still. 
The C's had been fighting again and were struggling with funds to get to church (always tension when money is tight) and Sister Samoya and I played marriage counselors accidentally a bit.  But brother decided that no matter what they would go to church next week even if they had to walk in the rain or shine. And they did! They were able to hitch a ride with the Macabnes yay and will be baptized on Saturday, swakas!! (finally :)

I have been in Panglao forever with Sis. Samoya- we know one of us is leaving next week :(  But it's needed; we need a fresh mind to come here and help find new investigators we feel like we have tracted everywhere!  But I'll be sad to split from Sis. Samoya.  I love that we have been together so long because I have a unity with her while teaching that I haven't experienced before. It's like we can read each others minds :)  It makes teaching so fun.

I am excited to meet the new mission pres tomorrow, (it just got moved a day)
trying to send pics and vids but this comp sucks!!! 

P-day hike.  Water was supposed to be blue but it just rained.  Probably good...lot less tempting!

Fortunata's Baptism

yumm pinoy spaghetti and chcoco cake for joy joy lofrancos 1st bday... they were happy campers 
(i made the spaghetti with anna marie by a fire .. now thats a good skill to have. ) 

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