WEEK 45 (Sagbayan)

July 17, 2016

Well where do I begin??
I have been struggling a little bit with separation sadness from my friends and family in Panglao.  I honestly felt like I left home again.  It feels like my almost 5 months in Panglao was only a matter of days.  I can't describe how fast it felt.  Kinda scary.
My new area is in the mountains of Bohol, about 1 1/2 hours from the coast and we are talking jungle jungle. My living conditions pretty much went from living in paradise to camping.  It's funny.  But that's not really a problem, I'm a camper.  Yes I miss the smell of the ocean but there is always an adventure in the jungle and rain.  It was a little overwhelming at first when everyone was telling me oh you have all these RC's and so many potential yet we had no way  to find them... but after a few days of enlisting the help of the senior couple the Bells (mom you should follow their blog--he is about to become the branch president here in Sagbayan) and others we was able to find out where they lived and we have a small grasp of our huge area. My trainee Sister Monteras has been very supportive and patient throughout this process.  It makes me sad that there are no records--we will have to fix that of course. 

Another bonus.. haha the elders before had bikes soooo we will now have bikes again. Panglao won't be the only sisters with bikes anymore- I'm setting a trend! Sweet, cause our area is huge!! But its gonna be a little tougher biking up here in the hills and rice fields (rice fields are so beautiful!!) But nindot always nindot.
The branch is cool- lots of progression in the last few months.. I hope we can keep it up. We went out and started tracting on Sunday night and I think we will have a lot of potential. I truly believe that me and Sister Monteras will experience miracles this transfer.. i am excited to dive more into the work so I stop thinking about how much I miss Panglao.

Sister Monteras is awesome- and honestly like the sweetest person I have ever met.  I feel so lucky that I got her as my trainee... She is 24 from Manila and is pretty much the only member in her family. She says serving a mission is her dream so she is so happy to be here. That makes me smile because I love it!  She has such a desire to work and share the gospel and learn the language.. It's funny with the language because people start speaking to her in Bisaya assuming the Filipina knows and then I have to answer and the people are like what the... it's hilarious. But she'll pick it up quick being a Tagalog speaker.  It's hard sometimes because she is forced to speak English to me but it's good for her because that's something the Church really wants- everyone to know English. I'll hopefully pick up some Tagalog too!  I can understand some things so that's cool.  My Bisaya is pretty good now- of course it's never good enough for me, I always want to know more or be better.  It's weird how bad my English is when I write in my journal after a whole day of Bisaya haha the structure is all messed up.
love you lots <3
Sister cook 
no pictures cause i left my camera charger in Panglao.

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