WEEK 46 (Sagbayan)

 July 24, 2016

Hey hi hello

Well to make things short I am still struggling gamay with my area.  There are a lot of times where I just don't know where to go or what to do and now being a trainer I just feel pressured all the time. But I know it takes time for me get to know the area, people and find new investigators. We have been tracting a lot a lot this week- we have 19 new investigators so hopefully some of them will progress and we can keep them coming.  Some potential families as well, so I'll keep prayin! And the members here are awesome!! 

The bike rides here are so beautiful its insane!!! Such a different environment than Panglao but just as cool-- I mean I am riding through rice fields with jungles and carabaos and chocolate hills all around me (search chocolate hills on google- they are weird! ) But as cool as it is- it's also very exhausting.  It's like a roller coaster on the hills here. I felt so bad the first day of biking with Sister Monteras- she really died because it was so hilly- but she totally pushed through! 
The next day she said in comp study "I am not here to complain- I am here to work" ya put that on a plaque and frame it--atta girl--that's my anak haha.  But ya she is so awesome and I love her attitude. 
She still speaks mostly Tagalog but everyday she learns a little more Bisaya just like me. 

Gave a talk yesterday in church- talked about coming unto Christ and keeping him the center of our lives. I know that if we put him first always that always we will feel his help. I shared my favorite story of Jesus when Peter is walking on water and starts to doubt and Christ reaches out and saves him. Christ will reach out over and over again to save us and to help us- but it's up to us if we accept  and choose to follow him. 

I have had a semi tough week but I know if I continue to press forward with my eye centered on my goal to help other learn and accept Christ's true church in their lives- I can get through any struggle. 
I also had some really cool experiences where what I studied in personal study was exactly what I needed to say or share in one of our lessons- it was amazing. The Lord know what each one of these people need and I am just an instrument in his hands- We taught about Joseph Smith twice and both times I recited the 1st vision in Bisaya and talked about his beautiful story - the Spirit was so strong and I just know without a doubt that he was a true prophet called of our loving father in heaven and the Book of Mormon is evidence of it. Oh man I love that book- everyday I find a new verse or scripture that just speaks so beautifully to me and I know it's from God through his prophets. Well sorry to ramble but just thought I'd remind you all why I am here- to share this beautiful truth with this beautiful people in Bohol, Philippines. Sometimes when I get discouraged or homesick - I think of my testimony and I know I'm right where i need to be. 

Nahigugma ko sa inyo- ug nasayud ko nga kining simbahan ang tinood simbahan dinhi sa kailbutan. Wala'y lain. 
Sister Cook 

ps camera charger still in panglao sayang... but here are some pics from Sis. Monteras 



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