WEEK 47 (Sagbayan)

August 1, 2016

Maajong hapon (good afternoon--sounds formal in English, but that's what we say here as greeting!) 

So- I think I invited everyone I talked to plus all our new investigators to church but no one came- I was pretty bummed (I am praying this won't be like my 1 transfer in Loon eek.)  But we keep on "ayo-ing' (our version of knocking on doors) in hopes of finding the people who need Christ in their lives. 

I taught a lot about Joseph Smith lately and man I am so grateful for him.  Everytime I teach about him- I feel such a peace. A peace that God doesn't change- just like times of old he called a prophet to restore his true gospel and his true way for us to live with him again. Teaching and talking about the 1st vision is so powerful!  Even when not in my native tongue. 

So I have a slight obsession with all the caribous here.. I will ride one soon (I hope I have my camera by then!!)  But seriously they are all so ugly yet cute and they just like to chill in their little mud ponds when they're not out plowing rice fields.  Like me in the ocean. basta. They're funny.  Also an obsession with green mangos. ya you guys don't even know what those are. I'm sorry. Soon my friends, soon. 

I think I'll be ready for the Tour de France after my time here in Sagbayan- oh man these hills. You'd think I'd loose a lot of weight haha nooope.  The rice addiction is so real right now. 

Well- the church is true! I am loving all the youth here in Sagbayan. They are so diligent with studying about the gospel and sharing. Makes me wish I did better as a youth, definitely took what I had for granted- but can't go back only forward! so I'm better now :))) There is this one Recent Convert here named Marian (she's 15- Emily's grade!) and I just love her. She just got baptized with her family- and yesterday when we were tracting we met one of her high school friends who told us that as soon as she became Mormon she boldly quit all the weird clubs/ associations everyone is a part of here and now is always talking about how awesome the Book of Mormon is and wants go to the temple.  She has a different light about her... It was so cool to hear from someone who totally noticed her change and isn't even a member. We are teaching her friend now and hopefully she will come to church soon cause she is interested. But Ah.. it was awesome and I am so happy Marian and her family has the gospel in their lives now.

 " Happiness and joy come from what a person is, not from what he or she possesses or appears to be."
 So beautiful and so true. I am constantly humbled by the people here and I am grateful for everyday to improve myself and to share the love of Christ with people I love.  I do miss you dearly and I miss lots of other things as well. Missions are hard--but March will come surely soon so I'm trying to make each day count. 

love ryan !!!

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