WEEK 49 (Sagbayan)

August 14, 2016

Maayong Buntag sa tanan :))))

First off, I'll just say that the water for showering here is like the Pacific in February... I'll be ready to trunk it in March. 

So I taught YWs yesterday again and gave a talk in Sacrament and we sang a song.. haha it was busy but fun. I love teaching YW... it's so fun and I love all the girls here.
My YW class

The new YW pres (just baptized in June and is 22) is named Louie May and I told her that I want to name a daughter after her cause isn't Louie the cutest name for a girl!! 

Unfortunately we are not having any progression (except cute little Lhea Jane, daughter of the recent convert family).  We got told by at least half of our investigators that: 
 (A) they will never come to church, (B) they believe it's true but it's too hard to change religions, or (C) don't come back.  So that was tough but despite all the rejection I have just had the best week!   I don't know everyday I'm just so happy, it's great!

We went to Cebu for a trainers' meeting and it was a long trip but I got ice cream again in Lilo-an so that was great.  
Ice cream with my anak...haha I have a pic just like this with my trainer, Sis. Herdegen
Me and Sister Monteras
Also on our taxi ride back from meeting to the dock I struck up the best conversation with our taxi driver... We talked for over an hour about life, religion and the temple/familes... He had questions and it was just the coolest convo, especially when afterwards I realized ya wow that was all in Bisaya.. it was the highlight of my day for sure. I don't know if anything will come of the convo but at least I got to know this man and his family and share something that has blessed my life with him. 

There are so many religions here and it sometimes I just want to shout to people we are not just another religion trying to get numbers but we are the truth- this message will help you!!! But in the end, that's the beauty of this life-- everyone has their own personal choice. 

well I love you all.  Still killing it on the bikes, don't you worry. 

The Anober and Umbang families

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