WEEK 50 (Sagbayan)

August 24, 2016

Well first off, I didn't get transferred!! and I'm still training Sister Monteras- it's good!!  Although we still can't get any of our investigators to take the next step and come to church. I feel like so much has happened in the last week and a 1/2 but I'm drawing a blank right now.... the days are so long but the weeks are short! 

All four of us, in honor of Sister Tatarata going home, biked from our mountain home in Sagbayan down to the coast of Tubigon so she could get on a boat to Cebu... It was so far but so fun!!! ahaha it was in the morning so everyone was going to school and we got so much attention it was funny.  Best part of the bike ride is when I was starting to slow down and Monteras passes me and says "you trained me well" and lead the rest of the ride haha #proudmama. 

Oh one thing that happened to me this past week was we were working with a recent convert Sister Zita and we were sorta ambushed by all these men in the barangay (area) who had so many questions about Mormons. I found out later that Zita and her family is like a very old and influential Catholic family in the area so the fact that they "moved" religions has cause quite a stir... We sat there for about over an hour answering their questions and teaching... but it was pretty exhausting.. my mouth hurt at the end of it from speaking so much Bisaya.. It was hard to hear these men explain to me why they pray to idols and how they need someone to plead their cause with the lord. At the end of it I looked at them and told them very boldly that as children of God they don't need anyone to communicate with their Father. Our prayers are directly to God. Just like their children talk to them directly- we communicate with Him. 
It was interesting... 

Many of our investigators have loved learning about this gospel, they love the Book of Mormon and know its true- yet they are so stuck in their families for centuries being Catholic that they can't make the next step. I know it just takes time- people here are confused and this Gospel brings them love, guidance and peace. But in the end everyone has their own choices. Agency is our gift. All we can do is invite. 

sidenote- me and Sister Ross made no bake cookies in a rice cooker hahah and we find a new species of bug every night in our "campground" seriously though!! i have found some cool ones!!! 

The other day Sister Ross said to me " I honestly can't see you serving anywhere else Sister Cook..." and she's so right!! ahah  I love it here and it's just a testimony of how much my Father in heaven knows me too. 
Well I have p-day again in 3 days so talk to you soon
30 weeks na lang!
luv ry!! 


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