WEEK 55 (Sagbayan)

September 25, 2016

hello hello,
Before I get into it I just want to say to all, everything is good, there is no need to worry or concern because I am in the uphill climb and have already been blessed so much!! ayaw kabelaka....
So on Friday after our wonderful zone conference I started feeling a little queasy...  We had a huge movie night that night where we projected a movie outside in order to attract people to our church and find some new potential investigators. It went really well, and Sister Monteras and I were talking up a storm to everyone we saw!! But the whole time I kinda felt like I was in a daze--I don't know I was overly hyper or spastic and just raging with heat.  I should have gone home but we waited until it was over... When I got home I had a raging fever and a whole lot of other symptoms and it turns out I got Dengue fever.  And lemme just say- I thought it was the end (and I had a mild case!! ).  For the rest of the weekend I was on my bed barely able to move...  Honestly, I don't really wanna go into it but I was freaking out that I would be sent home.  One time I looked in the mirror and I looked like a corpse I'm not even joking.  I am so grateful that I had Sister Monteras, Sister Bell and the STLs so close to help me and Elder Bell was able to give me a priesthood blessing. And I am so lucky usually the fever lasts 3-5 days broke after 2 and I skipped out on the whole body rash (thank goodness) but man the mosquitos are nasty little critters.

Now I am doing well--back to my normal self just weak and have absolutely no appetite whatsoever (so weird for me!  lol) But all is well.  I am grateful that I had such a small dose when I know other missionaries have suffered more.
The week leading up to that was great! the Jandayan's are super progressing--every morning they do family study and prayer and they take turns picking a subject out of the gospel principal books and talk about as a family--it's amazing. Then Sunday nights they do family scripture chases!!  It makes it very easy for us because when we go to teach them a principal they have usually already studied it together!!  They are so beautiful and went with the branch to district conference (which I was bummed to miss :/)  But still they had a great time!

We also have a few youth investigators who are classmates with a young woman who joined.. The most progressing right now is named Apple!  She'ss 16 and is so sweet!  I love the Anober and Umbangs- we are practicing a song to all sing in sacrament soon together and they are all excited.  I am anxious to get out and work again.  Staying indoors for awhile gets to ya..

Transfers are next week and we know there are gonna be some changes here--Sis. Monteras is done with her training so that technically means I should go, but we will pray for a miracle cause I don't wanna be done here!!! 

I love you all--and really missed you this past week.  But I am definitely not ready to come home.  It's scary how fast the time is going!!

enjoy a few pics from our district activity!
I Saw a TARSIER- and it is super weird looking... the cartoons make them look way cuter and not like ET..




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