WEEK 53 (Sagbayan)

September 11, 2016

YES, it's September here so Christmas begins!! haha.  Well I don't know where to start....

So first off, I know without a shadow of a doubt that the Lord is the master of this work. For a long time me and Sister Monteras had no success in our area... it was hard, But then last Monday we both went to try and find a former investigator and we were led to the most beautiful family I have ever met. The Jandayan Family. Sister Floy told us she was "Born Again" and we asked if we could share a message with her and her family.  She immediately called her husband Fidel and we proceeded to share a brief message about how the restored gospel would help their family.  It was a normal lesson- but at the end when we asked brother to pray the Spirit was overwhelming.. His prayer brought us all to tears.

We went back a week later and it was the coolest lesson I have ever taught in my life. They had both read the entire pamphlet and had tons of questions. We taught about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon.. Long story short they ALL came to church and their oldest daughter Jaimyach 13 even came with me all day on Sunday when I went on splits with another young woman.  They shared with us earlier that when they moved to Sagbayan, brother did not like the church and he stopped going, and slowly all the kids too, until it was only sister... She had been praying for a way for her family to come back to God.. praying and praying. And then we showed up and asked to share a message for her family.... and then they all came to church and even though it's hard for her to leave her commitments of her church (she was secretary and the pastor keeps visiting her) but she knows that this is the truth because her family all came to church together. And all I can say about this is I have never been so happy in my life.  All I can think about is this family.  I love them so much and I'm so so so grateful that we get the opportunity to teach them and help them learn how they can be together forever. You know in my setting apart blessing to be a missionary it says that angels will be in your home as I am serving... every night I pray that includes the Jandayan family also. 

Ever since we found them- investigators are pouring in. So many opportunities are flooding in. I cant describe my joy. The blessings of obedience and diligence are real. I love being here so much. I know I am already a year in but I never want to leave.... It's going by so fast, but everyday I witness miracles and I just love the Philippines and this work so much.  And I really really love Sagbayan. 

So on another note.. the most ironic thing of my entire life happened to me on Saturday... I fell into the ocean. Yes you read right, I slid right down the stairs and fell right into the salty sea. No one could believe the irony.. I'm always joking that I'm gonna "fall" in, and then I did.  Too bad I was in to much pain to enjoy it... haha. my companions and Sis. Bell got a kick out of it. 

I have lots more to say but no time. Just know how happy I am and how much I know this church is true. I am continually seeing it bless these people in the isles of the sea and bless my life. 
love you all!!! 

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