WEEK 54 (Sagbayan)

September 18, 2016

Hello Friends and Family!!!

This week has been remarkable. I know I said when I began training Sister Monteras that we would experience miracles and we really have. Not only has the Jandayan family been progressing...brother insists on paying tithing every week even though he's not yet a member and their kids join every activity and have already announced to everyone they are now Mormon. I am so grateful we get the opportunity to teach them. Also, another family we met through them came to church on Sunday!!  It's so awesome, we didn't expect it as much because they seemed hesitant when we invited them Saturday night. But nope--they were all there and I think really enjoyed it!  We taught them about the restoration and Joseph Smith and Brother Charito had a question about where was the fruits of his labor as a prophet (he is super familiar with the bible) and we shared a little bit about the Book of Mormon.  Turns out he and his wife had found an old Book of Mormon once and took it home because it looked like a book of God. He had looked at it a little but didn't understand who Nephi and all the other prophets were... But they could never get themselves to get rid of it. So after we explained he jumped right up and said he would start studying it!!  It was so amazing. The Book of Mormon is really the best book--I cherish my time I have to study it while serving.. and I'm grateful that I have it in my life.

Our sacrament meeting was so full that I had to keep going upstairs to get more and more chairs.  Nothing could wipe the smile off my face!! I was so happy! I still am so happy. We had total 9 investigators at church.  I love the two familes, Jandayan and Pigtie and also the Umbangs, Anober, Racoma (members in our area)  The people here in Sagbayan are my family... The thing that makes me sad it that transfers are only in two weeks... I realize that Sis. Monteras is finished with her training and should be receiving a follow-up trainer...but hopefully I can just be her follow-up too!!!  I cant believe that I am already a year in--it has definitely been the fastest yet most rewarding year of my entire life. I am so happy here and can't imagine my life anywhere or doing anything else.
I love being a missionary. I love the Philippines. I love this Gospel
Thanks for your support and prayers- Love you all!! hapit na ang Pasko #skype
Sister Cook
The Jandayan family (missing their 5 year old daughter Jonah bell whose sleeping in the corner hehe)
Tacos to celebrate my one year mark!
Jamycah and Jacob Jandayan...they are the funniest!!! 14 and 13 and best Friends (remind me of Matt and Cam when they were younger)
My and my anak, Sis. Monteras

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