WEEK 58 (Sagbayan)

October 16, 2016

Things are beautiful as always here in the peens... the Jandayan's all had their baptismal interviews and it went so well- Brother will be able to be baptized with his family and they are so ready and so excited. It is interesting Sister Anderson always tells me how much I light up when I am with them- I love them so much and really feel like every time I go there I'm going home to my family. Man that family- I came here on my mission to find and meet them. They mean so much to me. 

It's so funny being with an American again after so long- last time that I had an American companion was when I was in training...it's so funny especially cause everything is so new to her and I am so used to everything and so Filipino...I forget what's weird and new... it's gonna be an adjustment to come home that's for sure. I love it here. We are working well together and I love helping and teaching Sister Anderson how to love the culture instead of focusing on the vast differences. She is great- super spiritually in-tune and is really bringing in great ideas for our investigators. I love it! When you are obedient, diligent and become a PMG missionary...you see miracles and are happy, no matter where in the world you are serving. I know it! (that's my advice to the next Elder Jackson!! ) 

This past week we did a CSP with the Racoma and Jandayan and helped them harvest rice!! It was so much work and hot and itchy BUT SO FUN! I loved it and then it's even cooler eating the rice you helped to harvest!  Rice is such a interesting process I would have never known.. I'll send pics! 

Well we have been very busy here. I am always exhausted. But happy exhuasted, being a missionary is so great. There is this EFY song that talks about how people in the temple all over the world are always praying for the missionaries. Always praying for me and and my investigators. That's pretty special and I am grateful for their prayers during the rough times. 

Well I love you all dearly.  Feel like its been a really really long time--almost Christmas time! 5months na lang!! 


 The Rice Harvest

Baby Fidel

Four wonderful women in my life!
me and the jandayan girls <3 jamaica and jonabelle

my prince charming wasn't too happy to see me :( these things get HUGE here and scare the crap outta me in our CR sometimes.
Rice Harvest



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