WEEK 59 (Sagbayan)

October 23, 2016

This week was wonderful and full of miracles! 

The greatest was the successful baptism of the beautiful Jandayan family. After praying and praying I was so happy the baptism went so smoothly. It was a beautiful baptism and the Spirit was so strong- we had our investigators there too. The parents of Brother Jandayan were there, so that was cool too! Honestly, I am so blessed to have met and had the chance to work with this family, they were so prepared for the Lord and I know they are truly converted to the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. They know their Savior and know they have finally found his church here on Earth. I can't wait until next year and they can all be sealed. I am determined to be here. We will just sum up the feelings of the day with the answer of Jamiaca Jandayan when Sister Bell asked her how she felt at her baptism:
 "Before I felt heavy... but now after my baptism, I feel so light, so light I could fly, fly and fly!!" 

Sister Anderson and I seem to always be so busy, it's great. The other day we felt like we needed to stop by Luisa Umbang, one of the recent converts here. We got there and it turns out her little boy who has a lot of allergies had been super sick all day, they had no money for medicine, so she had finally asked for help from the church but was really really shy about it. We were able to explain to her about the blessings of fast offerings. Sister Anderson quickly pulled out a verse in Mosiah 26:18 about how we are part of Christ's church and with that sometimes there are challenges but in the end we receive so many blessings. Sister Luisa then shared the most beautiful testimony about how she really felt the love from God. How she realizes she isn't alone. Before she never felt like there was anyone for her to turn too... but now she realizes she is part of a family and that through her faith and the faith of others members she will receive blessings from God.   

We are so lucky to be part of Christ's church here on Earth. Everyday I see the peoples' confusion of other religions. I see the confusion and traditions that blind people from the truth and happiness here on Earth. I am so  grateful that I am a member of Christ's church and that my family is too. I have seen how the gospel can change a family's life. I have watched each member of the Jandayan family change and know they are so strong now and the Spirit is so strong in their home.

I love being a missionary and being able to share this truth with all those who will listen:)  Even if they don't wanna listen I still will talk their ear off. haha. Life is good! 
Love you all. Have a good week <3 
Sister Cook

"Yea, blessed is this people who are willing to bear my name; for in my  name shall they be called; and they are mine." 

The Jandayan Baptism

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