WEEK 56 (Sagbayan)

October 5, 2016

maayong buntag!!

Well transfers- I did not expect it, but the Lord works in mysterious ways. I am still in Sagbayan!! YAY! and I am training again...yup! So that means I'll be here for December! YAY! So yesterday I went to Cebu to get my second anak! and she is Amerikana!! Her name is sister Anderson and she is from Minnesota! It's gonna be awesome- she has a great attitude and is so excited to be here and be a missionary. 

It was actually surprising because a lot of trainers were either brand new or had trained before and Pres really talked about how he is trying to change the culture and bad habits of this mission. Change so we can improve as a mission and as missionaries. And that starts with the new missionaries. I feel honored to train again. This mission is different than when I first got here- it has been amazing to see its growth. 

So yes I am here in Sagbayan to stay and I couldn't be happier. I wish I could do better at explaining my happiness in words- but at the meeting Sister Maughan asked me to talk a little to the new missionaries about my personal struggles and just about my mission- and I just kept saying how much whatever happens- just love it! Every morning and night I thank Heavenly Father for my opportunity to be here, to be the missionary teaching Jandayan and other families and to just be a missionary. It is such a wonderful calling and it's so fun. I love it so much and I just love my life here so much. And that all really comes because I love the Lord and this gospel. 

We brought a cake to the Jandayans for the first b-day of baby Fidel and we had a huge dinner together and they had invited all of their neighbors to come here our message and a lot of them said we could go teach them! Yay! also on Sunday Brother and Sister both shared their testimonies of this gospel and church. Brother had been studying about sacrifice and talked about before he was never doing anything for the Lord and he was pretty much always sinning and all it ever brought was problems or tension. Yet when he starts sacrificing for the Lord and learning about Him- he see the blessings- especially with how close their family is now. And Sister shared about how she had been praying for her family every night- pouring out her heart and soul asking for help and how her prayers have now been answered. It was powerful meeting. They are a powerful family.. The branch pres already has a calling picked out for brother after his baptism- I am so excited for him to receive the priesthood. Our last lesson with them and also Apple.. sister Monteras was so powerful and taught wonderfully- she is so ready and I am so grateful that i have been able to see her grow these past 12 weeks.

We as missionaries are here to lift others, to serve others, to serve our heavenly father and to become more like our savior Jesus Christ by bringing others unto him- What a lucky girl I am to be having the chance to do so. 

love you all 
sister cook 

Fidel Jr. and his b-day cake hehe

me and my new anak (trainee :))))))))))

i thought i was leaving so i took a bunch of pics with the YW cute !

yay selfie!!!

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