WEEK 60 (Sagbayan)

November 6, 2016

Happy Kalag-Kalag!!
Wohoo All Saints Day or Kalag Kalag this past week. Interesting holiday where everyone spends lots of time at graves giving offerings to their dead.
Halloween was good too!! All the Sagbayan missionaries went to Sister Bell's and we had pumpkin pancakes decorated as jack-o-lanterns hehe it was fun. 



We have two awesome progressing investigators right now. Apple and Jezelle.. they are both friends with Mariel a youth in our branch and are so amazing. We love working with them! Also this week we met with Elder Haynie.. he's a member of the Seventy and he propelled our mission into "Finding Scattered Israel."  
That is our job here to find those who are ready. Everyone is so nice here and will let you in and hear your message.. but that's just time wasting if they don't keep commitments. Our job is to talk to as many as possible, to always be finding so that we can find those ready to act on the message, to gather lost Israel. Like the Jandayans. It was great because I have always been white washing that is something I have gotten good at- finding. But hearing Elder Haynie just inspired me to work ever harder at it.  He shared about the growth of the church here in the Philippines... the first missionaries came here in 1961.. and already there are over 750,000 members !!!  That's crazy fast and I know will just keep growing. Our mission too is so different since I got here- I have loved witnessing the change that comes when missionaries decided to be obedient and diligent. It's beautiful.
On Sunday Brother Jandayan blessed the sacrament and Jacob and Joaquin passed it. It was awesome :)
I really feel like i know my purpose as a missionary and I love every second of it. I know and love the people here and I love this gospel.
gihigugma tika - time flies.
from the beautiful isles of the sea ;


) sister cook 

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