WEEK 62 (Sagbayan)

November 20, 2016

Hi family!
Things are so great here in Sagbayan. I am intrigued to see how the branch does without the Bells. It will be good for all of us... sometimes I feel like the Bells make it almost too easy, but I will definitely miss them.  We have two baptisms this weekend. Two youths, at first I was hesitant to really push baptism because their families are not progressing yet, but I quickly realized that was wrong. These girls are very ready and I am so excited for them. They have a great support system with the youth here and each other.  They come to church every Sunday by themselves because they love it and feel the Spirit. I think it is only a matter of before their families will follow.  With the new Elders I split all our areas --we both will have areas close to center and areas far away, so it's pretty equal.  I think it will work well.  Sister Anderson and I will be visiting the recent converts from the previous sisters' area and some less active members because they are women. So we will stay pretty busy.  We have another baptismal date for December 17 also, mother of Brother Jandayan. We are also always trying to find find find those who the Lord has prepared.... 

Elder Cook was awesome! he really just got up there and talked to us about missionary work, like he was talking to a friend, it was fun to listen too and pretty powerful- his wife was the cutest too! I loved it, also loved seeing all the missionaries. It's powerful to see.

This morning we played soccer and then made Buko (coconut drink) juice with the elders and some youth and Brother Jandayan.. But of course I forgot my camera so no pics of Elder Minoc climbing up the coconut tree like nobody's business. #goals. 

 Well not much to add but I love you all and I am so excited for Christmas to skype! 
Amping kanunay!! 
Sister Cook 

Here's some pics of my weekend..

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