WEEK 63 (Sagbayan)

November 27, 2016


Man did I miss you all this week. It was sad but a great week nonetheless. I will say, me and Sister Anderson (two Americans mind you) were sitting in weekly planning talking about our area and all of sudden I was like "wait, when's Thanksgiving?!?!?" and whatta ya know... we had completely missed it. I forgot Thanksgiving!!! Which is saying a lot for my favorite holiday :( we quickly tried to make some mashed potatoes and green beans..  But I'd say yours were way more spectacular.

Other news! Apple and Jecelle were baptized!! It was wonderful!! Their service was so sweet and they had the biggest smiles on their faces and gave sweet testimonies. They were both very influenced by the example of their classmate, Mariel Viodor who is a 1 year member here, before we even met them. You never know who is influenced by your example. Super cool, they had both been searching for some sort of guidance in their life. So happy they found it. 
(16) Apple's family has had some tough struggles- she was pretty much caught in a war of her mother and siblings and always felt suicidal/ alone . She is an avid reader of the Bible (she is so smart) and has always had questions about religion.. it wasn't until she started reading the Book of Mormon (already in Alma) and letting us teach her that her questions were answered. I will not be surprised if she serves a mission someday. 

Jecelle (17) is the youngest in her family and her parents are so kind, but they are always working. She loves to dance and is so small and cute! She had been to church before years ago with the elders and loved it but didn't have anyone to really fellowship her. She always says she just felt so at peace and happy when she went to church or around Mormons.  None of her family was able to come to her baptism but she was crying tears of joy with all the youth and members that came and supported her. 

I love them and grateful I have them in my life. 

Also since Sister Bell is gone, guess who's teaching seminary.... us!!  hehe it's so fun!  Especially in Bisaya. We are studying Acts right now- wow its fun. 


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