WEEK 64 (Sagbayan)

December 4, 2016
Maayong Odto (good noon hehe) 

Well this was a long week- but yet they go by so fast...thanks Dad for reminding me that I only have 14 left.  Sad!!! 

Did you know that Gandalf was also Noah?  The member did not understand why I was laughing so hard...

 Just some highlights. Nanay Linda Jandayan (mother of Fidel) has really committed to a date for baptism. She has this huge goal to go to the temple after her baptism so she "can feel the peace of God" its awesome. This is the nanay that first time I taught her with Sister Monteras was telling us she was Catholic and would die Catholic... but after her attendance of the baptism of her family, her heart was changed. She realized how far she was from God and has the strong desire to come unto Christ. To have her burdens lifted. It has been amazing to hear how her prayers have changed .  They went from a memorized "prayer" to a women talking humbly to her loving Father in heaven.  I love it and she loves it. Now we just need to pray for Tatay! (her husband haha).  Her date is December 17, she is insisting that Elder Bell baptizes her because she thinks she will just sink. It's pretty funny. 

Well this week Sister Anderson and I found little red worms in our water....ew!! ya we have no idea how long we had been showing with them, but it was gross.. We got it fixed real fast... ah gotta love the Philippines. 

Also a kid we have been teaching for a while now was shocked to find out that I wasn't 30.... like I mean shocked! That was hilarious. 

We had our mission Christmas party.. it was fun. Can't believe its been a year already..  I gave a talk about Christ and it went well. I loved studying about him and of course speaking about my Savior. He is why I am here- to help others find him and find his true church on Earth. I have so many weaknesses and I am so imperfect. But I know that someday through Him I can be perfect. He truly is our Salvation and the true meaning of Christmas. I hope you guys have all started the Light the World program. This is a great way to keep the true Spirit of Christmas in our hearts and to help those around us. 

I am grateful to have another Christmas serving him and serving these beautiful people I love so much. 

I love you all as well :) 
Amping mu diha permi. 

 From our mission conference:

Sister Anderson




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