WEEK 65 (Sagbayan)

December 11, 2016

Man i have so much to say! This week we has been so busy. 

Yesterday was such a good Sunday! We started out by doing a Book of Mormon booth with some of the young women. It was crazy successful. We sat out our table and within 5 minutes a good 20 Books were passed out! We had the youth explaining to the people and then writing down their names so we can visit them. I also enjoyed taking the time to bring Books to all the sweet people we buy food from in the Market every week. They all are sweet to me and tell me fancy Filipino recipes I can try for lunch. They all accept the Books and hopefully we can visit them. But it was so fun- the youth got super into it. 
Then Sister Anderson and I went on splits with the YW cause we had two appointments in opposite places with two families! I took Apple, our recent convert and Sister Anderson took Jecelle our other recent convert and we taught. Then later that evening we worked with brother and sister Jandayan and visited their neighbors. It was so amazing to work and hear the strong testimonies of these people I saw baptized. It was such a good day, Sister Anderson and I were pumped about it. 

Nanay Jandayan had her interview and is so ready for her baptism on Saturday. We are so exited for her- her goal is to go to the temple.  And we have a new baptismal date for sister of apple, cleir.. she is so smart too... in our lesson her question was  "sister, is Lehi from the tribe of Jacob...?" She's 12... wow. 

Also this week we had a fun service project. We planted rice!! 

  It was at the Racoma's again and we got so muddy but it was so much fun and a good amount of work. Plus the Filipinos got a kick out of it and kept yelling "oh that's imported rice" cause white people were planting. I got pretty good at it!

 We have been working hard to do the Light the World challenge the best we can, I love it! and I know if you ask Heavenly Father for service opportunities he will give them to you. I love serving him and others every day. My favorite story about Christ is when Peter starts walking on the sea, he sees the waves and starts to sink but Christ is right there to catch him before he falls. He can be there to catch us and sometimes it is through others around us that we are caught. We can be Christ's hands for others in our lives. We can spread his love. 

I feel my Savior's love for all the people here. The Worth of Souls is truly great in the eyes of God. 

love you all. 2 weeks na lang. kita kits sa skype ;) 
sister cook

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